Marc Canter

Red Carpet Interview

HFA Recipient – 24th Annual LA Music Awards

Marc Canter is CEO of Broadband Mechanics, which produces People Aggregator, a social networking tool with source available (but not under an open source license). Previously, he was a founder of the company that became Macromedia. His blog, Marc’s Voice, frequently critiques other Internet luminaries and competitors, such as Mark Zuckerberg. Known for his boisterous appearances at technology conferences, Canter makes no secret of his left-leaning politics, identifying himself as a “red diaper baby” at the 2005 Gnomedex meeting in Seattle.  A son of community leader Miriam Canter — eponym of Chicago’s Canter School — and well-known election and civil rights attorney David Canter, he was raised in the liberal but exclusive Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood near the University of Chicago.

Canter is also a contributor to many open standards efforts and advocates for end-user controlled digital identities and content – being a co-founder of the “Identity Gang”, and a co-signer of the Social Web Users’ Bill of Rights. He has consulted with global corporations including PCCW and Intel and has written on the multimedia industry, micro-content publishing and social networking.