Maria Naccari-Beahan (RunHoney)

Live Performance

2006 Founder Award – Independent Bassist of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Rock, Indie Rock
Band Members
Sarah – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Megan – Guitar
Maria – Bass
Emily – Drums
San Diego, CA
Record Label
Short Description
Runhoney is a rock band that combines passion, talent, creativity and energy into music that will lift you and slam you on the floor in a puddle of your own excitement.
“We never wanted to be an ‘all girl band’”

Sarah and Emily first met as friends in 2005. Sarah then learned Emily could play the f**k out of the drums. They began performing as Runhoney in 2005, and the last thing they wanted was to front an “all girl band” for fear of being labeled as gimmicky. As it turned out, as Sarah Harmel (lead vocals/guitar) says, “Our intention was to find the best players. We did! And they just happen to be women.”

So the Runhoney journey began!

Sarah and Emily started out as a duo, playing in San Diego clubs for a solid year. After suffering through some unsavory bass players, they were finally able to woo bass guitar virtuoso, Maria Naccari. After about a year and a half of playing together at bigger and better venues, and tightening their sound, the girls started to feel like something (or someone) was missing. Wanting to add another guitar player, they were again unsure about finding the perfect person to complete their sound. Enter Megan Jane. Megan (the Shape-shifter) first appeared to them as a phenomenal drummer, playing shows with the top notch in San Diego and LA. After they snagged up Megan, the band was complete and ready to go. Runhoney began touring. They have brought their melodic, edgy sound to festivals and clubs of San Diego and LA’s Sunset Strip. They’ve traveled to San Francisco, Vegas, throughout the Southwest and back again.

They completed their first EP with the assistance of Alicia Champion of Durga Sound.
With every show, Runhoney brings all the energy, passion, aggression and arousal you can take. With their powerful vocals, addictive lyrics, and kick ass rhythm, Runhoney is unstoppable!
Current Location
San Diego, CA
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