Mark Latham

Live Performance

Nominated for Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Nominated for Independent Rock Album of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards Album: “Radio Friendly Superstar”

Named “Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year” by the 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards. With a diversified style of rock, pop, blues, rap and reggae, Latham has created a career in eclectic pop
Genre: Rock: Roots Rock
Release Date: 2002

Singer/songwriter/gunslinger Mark Latham has been named “Best Male Singer/Songwriter,” and was also nominated for “Best Indepedent Rock Record” for RadioFriendly Superstar by the 2003 Los Angeles Music Awards. Latham’s airy, raspy, two tone vocal crossed with his guitar first attitude will widen the eyes of even the harshest and most jaded cynics. Playing guitar since being a small-town pre-pubescent, his acoustic performance is an explosion of melodic and rhythmic fury crossed with all the heart-felt emotion and wisdom that weaves the soul into the flesh. Top that with a cherry of east coast humor and an every-man quality that doesn’t allow Latham to take himself seriously, and you too will leave with a smile on your face and his songs stuck in your head like peanut butter in a dog’s mouth.

As a native of Boston, MA, Latham’s ability of musical and lyrical talent stems from an early exposure to music through his mother and father. Years of bands and development brought on the inception of “Radio Friendly Superstar,” a completely self produced, 15 song solo debut. With a diversified style of rock, pop, blues and hip-hop music, Latham eludes the listener’s temptation to pigeon-hole him into a single category. Latham jumps seamlessly between influences and styles in support of his unique vocal ability. While it is hard to compare his music to a specific genre or artist, the music remains powerful in its diversity.

“Growling, sweaty grinding rock… a mix of pure musical energy.” —

“Intense… a confident and solid guitar player with a broadly influenced sound.” — L.A. Music Scene

“Mark Latham has seemingly traveled up and down the FM dial the last three years, creating a template for the pristinely produced 15-track collection that may just make him the radio friendly superstar he yearns to be.” — 3:16 Productions

“Mark sounds like he is already a famous veteran rock star.” — Gods of Music