Marylin Hebert

Segment Coordinator – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Distribution. I am looking for finished feature films, documentaries, animation or TV projects that are looking for international distribution. Euramaco has been in business 35 years with offices in Los Angeles & New York. Production/distribution. See info below on how to submit a film for distribution consideration. This will go directly to the owner if I find a good fit. If you are going to any films festivals: Cannes, Berlin, New York, London, Italy, or LA please let us know.
Network with me here: or

Action/thrillers with A list producers & directors attached with relationships in place to package- send me a note.

Seeking TV series writers for animation series of mine that is being considered for financing.

Creator of “Recipe For Love”​ the new date show where the bachelor picks his date on how she cooks and not how she looks.
Creator “The Zombie Diaries-The Survival Games”​ “Hunger Games”​ meets “Lost”​ with a “Blair Witch vibe.

I work with a select group of A list producers & directors in Los Angeles with a established box office track record:

Rights holder only of films can submit for distribution.No finders. No brokers. Verified rep of producer is okay.

Other synergy:
Private equity for listed public companies.No asset or ebitda required. PE invests into private companies who own significant assets like oil & gas mines, IP or have established EBITDA of USD $2 million & will list on the stock exchange.

Publishers & literary agent needed for:
“Jack The Bear And Golden Hair”​ children books
“The Wizard Dairies”​ aka “Margaret Merlin’s Journal.”​ YA novel 5 book series
Winning blog; “The Single Girl’s Handbook.”​
“Here Come’s The Bride!” Romantic comedy script.

Partner with Machinima the #1 channel on Youtube.
*equity investors are welcome to inquire about financing films*