Mary’s Gone

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Our Band Sucks—El Monte’s OBS forged a name for themselves in the late ’80s and early ‘90s by showering stages across the county with popcorn, Silly String, shaving cream, and beer. Their shows often resembled riots, although no one ever got hurt and no one was particularly angry about anything. They sounded like the bastard children of nerd punks like the Dickies and muscle-headed hardcore bands like Black Flag. Their preference for playing onstage in diapers, muumuus, sun bonnets, and Elvis costumes rankled more than a few club goers, who often showed their appreciation by throwing whatever was handy. For their efforts, OBS found themselves banned from a number of clubs, most notably the Coconut Teaszer. They were forbidden from ever playing there again following a show in which an overzealous fan covered the band, stage, monitor, microphone, and PA tower with nearly a case-worth of shaving cream. The band released a 12” EP on Nemesis Records and a number of demos. There were also stories of an offer by a then-newly established Fat Records to release a full-length, but nothing came of it. The band spent the 1990s reforming and breaking up every couple of years or so. Guitarist Gabriel went on to play in Mary’s Gone, Tumors, Godmatic, and more recently, Life After Mary. Drummer Bobby can be seen playing with the Bea Pickles’ Gator McMurder in the Coffin Draggers. Most of the OBS members at one time played in the psychobilly band the Linkin Logs. The band most recently reformed in 2010, released a second EP, Pic ’n’ Save, continue to play occasional gigs, and can be found on most of the more popular social networking sites.