Recipient for pop artist of the year 8th annual la music awards

MASH – the most successful Schwyzer dialect band – is back. After their last live appearance in 2006, they come back to the Swiss stages. Included in the package a dozen brand new MASH songs that now – to be published – 20th stage anniversary of their frontman Padi.
The story of MASH began in 1986 when Peter Müller and Steph Annen with a few colleagues founded a school band. Since 1993 the band called MASH and their frontman Padi Bernhard. In 1997, she decided – off the cover rock – only with their own songs and perform in dialect. As we know today: a decision that brought the great success with it!
From their first album nidvobärn (with the hit “Ewigi Liäbi”) they could sell more than 50,000 copies, reaching platinum status. “Ewigi Liäbi” itself never appeared as a single, but was – thanks Download – represented fully 91 weeks in the Swiss single charts and even reached a top 10 ranking. Meanwhile, the cult song in Switzerland has developed into the biggest musical hit and the most famous yodelling and is gecovert even by countless foreign performers up and down.
The other MASH albums erschti.hilf and 45minutä were very successful and placed each in the top 20 of the Swiss Charts. The fourth and final album was released in 2006 and mash & fründä was also the last work of the band together.
Now MASH is back.
Included in the package is a wonderful, new album, for which one has not only taken the necessary time, but the first time you have worked in the band’s history along with a producer. The result is an album with 10 brand new songs and 1 remake, all come from the pen of the famous front man and were arranged, performed and co-wrote with producer Dave Demuth and the band members.
With the musicians Sascha Kammermann (d), Denis Deschenaux (git), Stefan Küttel (b) and Martin Imlig (key), the band is now complete again at the start.
That they have anything else to offer besides their massive hit also, they now prove impressively with her comeback album “MASH.” (Read MASH DOT), which will be released in February 2014 when SoundSevice. Clever Mundartpop, influenced by current bands such Passengers, Delirious or Kodaline, combined with the music of role models such as Johannes Falk, Maroon 5 or Matchbox Twenty were fundamental pillars for MASH latest album.
Succeeded they are all to the very last note.