Nominated for R&B Album of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Album “Assemblage”

Well, we finally sold out of this album and I love and appreciate all those who purchased your copy. It will still be available for download and online distribution so please continue to purchase the music. You can also go to
Genre: Urban/R&B: R&B Pop Crossover
Release Date: 2004

Born Ruben Oriol, a modest hard working young man from Vallejo Ca. Music has been the guiding light into the life of this 24 yr. old young innovator and gifted musician. Like most talented artists, he comes from a long line of popular musicians whose sounds have rocked the U.S. for decades. Under the guidance of his father, a star from the 1950’s and 60’s.

As Matai, his first exposure came when he and his brother formed E-Dive, short for “Ethnic Diversity”. Quickly gaining local recognition for their smooth sounds and innovative mixes.

Matai, writes, produces and performs his own music. He has been featured on several Bay Area albums, including Latino Velvet and 17 Reasons. Matai has associated with many of the top stars of the music industry such as Queen Latifa, Immature(IMX), and Smokey Robinson to name a few. Matai’s style involving R&B/Latin/Hip Hop and Reggaeton, combined with his smooth vocals has allowed him to open up for artists like Naughty By Nature, Next and Keith Martin. Listen to his music and were sure you will agree that this is a star on the rise! He hopes to follow in the footsteps of his cousin Baby Bash, Universal Recording Artist.

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The prodigy of a musically oriented family, Vallejo resident Ruben Oriol-Rivera had much to live up to when deciding to take on the challenge of the music industry. His father was in a popular band in the 50’s and 60’s and his cousin went Platinum just a few years back. Ruben (known as Matai: a childhood name given by a family friend meaning ‘Chief’) has been singing since he could talk. With styles in R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Reggaeton, this Bay Area pioneer in originality has created his own version of music called ‘R & Bay’ and ‘Bayggaeton.’ ‘R & Bay’ is Matai’s version of R&B with a Bay Area twist and ‘Bayggaeton’ is his style of Reggaeton mixed with Bay beats. Before the days of ‘Bayggaeton’ and ‘R and Bay’ there were the days when his older brother and he started a group called “E-Dive”, short for Ethnic Diversity. Their album was released in 1998 and they immediately received local recognition for their soulful sounds and toe-tapping tunes selling over 4,000 copies independently and still sell online and in local stores. With the success of this album, Matai continued to perform locally and eventually released his second album in 2002 entitled “Assemblage” (meaning ‘composing into a unified whole’) that sold over 5,000 copies independently. This album was even nominated for ‘Independent R&B Album of the Year’ in 2003 from the Los Angeles Music Awards. This modest, hard-worker expected to come home empty handed, but the recognition alone amounts to more. During the time of his second album release is when the creation of his movement ‘R & Bay’ and ‘Bayggaeton’ came to the Bay Area forefront. Matai is not only the originator of this sound, style, and movement, but he is a pioneer and local icon in his community. Matai is none other than a chameleon when it comes to his music and talent. Always changing his style, his sound, and always growing as an artist, Matai never stops learning and incorporating new techniques into his work. Not only does he sing, write, and produce his music, but also, he is an aspiring actor who has trained in one of Northern California’s superior Actors Training Program through Solano Community College where he studied theatre, music, and dance. Not only did he train under industry professionals in theatre and classical/theatrical dance, but Matai also took on Hip Hop and now works in conjunction with a locally popular Dance Company named BLISS. The company’s choreographer also choreographs routines and performs background dances for Matai with other BLISS members.

In 2006, Matai released his third album entitled “Because of You” where musical growth was very apparent, talent so much stronger, and creativity is unbelievable. Independently pushing these albums (literally) by himself, he has already sold thousands. But that’s not it for Matai, this February 2008, Matai released his fourth project dubbed “The Man I Am.” With a phenomenal record release and non-stop performances since, There’s not much room to wonder where he’s headed. Although Matai does what he does simply for the joy it brings him and the love he has for music and people, he hopes to one day simply live comfortably making music. Within the 10+ years Matai has been in the business, he has collaborated with many artists and even opened for very popular groups such as Next, Naughty By Nature, E-40, and Puerto Rican legend La India. He has associated with artists such as Queen Latifah, Keith Martin, Immature (IMX), and Smokey Robinson, to name a few. Matai has performed anywhere from Reno, NV to Los Angeles, CA to El Paso, TX. Matai has done well known events from San Francisco’s CARNIVAL and the largest Puerto Rican festival in California. Matai has been heard on many compilations that have sold over 50,000 units worldwide and he has collaborated with already-established artists over-seas. Matai was recently signed to P-Vine records from Tokyo, Japan with a scheduled January 2009 of “The Man I Am” album! Next up, another album, shortly to come!