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Los Angeles bred vocalist and songwriter, Matthew John, challenges himself to help us interpret life’s unpredictable waters with his introspective pop presence. Matthew, in his 2014 debut EP, “Here & Now,” is a pioneer of “new melody,” lyrically lancing into the heart of the present moment as he unpacks the EP’s unfolding catharsis, track by walloping track.

Awarded “2015 Musician of the Year for Orange County” by the RAW Natural Born Artist Indie Organization and innovating lyrically on Brandon Boyd’s spiritual optimism, as he makes light tribute to
Mikky Ekko’s searing, atmospheric vocal styling, Matthew has gained the fast attention of Stephen Christian, lead vocalist for the band Anberlin (Universal/Republic):

”Wow, this guy is talented, incredible voice. I love the constant changes in the song ‘Here & Now,’ going from dark verses to a ‘pop’ chorus is genius… ‘Thumbing through all your pages til’ all the words fell out’ is such a great line.”
A Southern California boy at heart, and universal communicator in soul, Matthew John loves amping up his fans through social media. “The easiest way for me to stay connected with my fans is through sharing the things I see,” expresses John, “my Instagram makes them feel as though they are there with me as we experience the things that inspire my music.”

This year brings rapid change and electric growth to Matthew as he puts into practice what his fans know he preaches; with back and forth flights between Los Angeles and Nashville. . . he is currently honing and utilizing his craft in America’s singer/songwriter capital and spanning the globe one song at a time.

“I sold a lot of my prized possessions to fund my record and barely slept some nights wondering if it was worth it. I really do believe that when you really want something, ‘there’s no better time than here and now.’ Just get up and do it, don’t take no for an answer. We all have the power and the strength necessary to accomplish anything we have our hearts set on.”