Matthew Lawrence

Live Performance

2010 Nominee – Male Vocalist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Burnt Matches”

Burnt Matches is the definition of Rock. They are the collaboration of career musicians who have developed a unique, powerful sound that will define the style of a new rock generation. It’s rare to find a band today that possess this style of catchy riffs, classic melodies and timeless undertones.

This band is a compilation of musicians that have been preforming rock/reggae/experimental and indy music for 12 + years. Our sound is a melodic rock with catchy hooks and a smooth feel. Our influences are as follows in no particular order. Primus, Mute Math, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sinatra, Sublime, Chilli Peppers and so many more.
Matt Lawrence grew up in small town New Hampshire using his singer songwriter mom’s guitars to sit in his room for years teaching him self note for note by ear off his little boom box the sounds of Hendrix and Zeppelin at age 12. He recently moved to LA, CA to bring his years of music he had wrote to life with a business plan to start and succeed with a band called Burnt Matches. He got more than he bargained for with his non egotistical musicians, who’s dedication sound and talent formed the soon to be known band Burnt Matches. The Burnt Matches sound is different from other bands because we are well seasoned musicians that found they’re meaning to play and it shows through Burnt Matches music. Take a listen and find out for your self.