Michael Brandmeier

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Nominated for Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

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Michael Brandmeier
Madison, Wisconsin
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Silent Hawk
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Michael Brandmeier (Artist Profile) Bio 2011

Michael Brandmeier is an authentic, acoustic pop artist whose music is being heard around the globe. Michael was nominated by the 2009 “LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS” for “MALE SINGER/SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR”, WINNING the same award in 2006. He has garnered many independent awards in the past few years—such as IAMA naming Michael “BEST MALE ARTIST” 2010.

Exciting news about to happen; you will hear Michael’s song “WHERE LOVE LIVES” in the upcoming, romantic comedy film KARAOKE MAN due out in late 2011/early 2012. His original song WHERE LOVE LIVES written for the movie, will be featured over the opening credits while a different version of WHERE LOVE LIVES will be featured over the end credits as well.

His songs have also been featured in many other Film/TV projects from NBC’s hit series “THE VOICE”, MTV’s “CRIB’S, MTV’s reality series “THE HILLS, The biography channel show “CELEBRITY LIFE COACH”, Comedy Central’s TOSH 2.0, National Geographic’s “ALASKA WING MEN”, The Lucas Grabeel of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL fame, Indie Film “THE ADVENTURES OF FOODBOY” or as it plays HIGH SCHOOL HERO as it plays ON DEMAND here in the US, to the hit SHOWTIME series SOUL FOOD, VH1’s series TOUGH LOVE, to NBC’S hit soap opera, PASSION’S, QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY to the hit TV series DAWSON’S CREEK, PARTY OF FIVE, JOAN OF ARCADIA, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and more. His song “RETURNING HOME” was also featured in a Jerry Bruckheimer TV drama on CBS called MIAMI MEDICAL and more…

Michael is also a two-time winner of the SONG OF THE YEAR songwriting competition award–first time a winner in the POP category 2005, recently winning, November, 2009 in the AC category with his ballad “IF YOU’RE LEAVING SAY GOODBYE”. As well as a two time–INDIE MUSIC AWARDS “WINNER” in the Film/TV category and winner in the INDIE POPULI vote. On his award recognitions Michael states, “Any time an artist can be singled out of the masses of talent in this crowded & expanding music biz landscape, it’s truly an honor and something to be proud of”.

TRUSONIC RETAIL PROGRAMMER acknowledges Michael as the top INDEPENDENT ARTISTS based on plays in RETAIL stores in 2004 and 2005 and still accumulating 800000–1,000000 plays a year in stores and restaurants worldwide. The director of music programming for TRUSONIC, Tim Ward, says that Michael’s music is “PERFECT POP”, not too hard, not too soft”.

Michael says, “It’s really a thrill every time I hear someone contact me and let me know they were shopping or dining out and they heard one of my songs playing. It’s happened many times and it’s what I like to call “HEART PAYMENT”.

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Madison, Wisconsin
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Michael Brandmeier
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