Michael Grange

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Best Guitarist 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Guitarist – 8th annual LA Music Awards

Michael Grange is an exceptional guitar player that can put the fire to the strings. With a unique style that cuts the edge of comtempory jazz rock Michael sets the pace for the up and coming.

Michael Grange is a songwriter/guitar player from the Southern California area. Michael is an exciting virtuoso and winner of “best guitarist” in the Los Angeles Music Awards. A self taught musician with a style all his own, Michael has incorporated many different genres into his music (Jazz, Rock, R&B, Latin, and Blues). His songs have strong melodic content, high energy and great grooves. There are incredible solo’s, not only from Michael, but from his band of top-notch musicians. The band’s are tight, the arrangements are great, and you must hear to appreciate this excellent original music. The featured musicians on Michael’s debut CD are Ndugu Chancler on drums, Alphonso Johnson-bass, Neil Larsen-keyboards, Steve Tavaglione-Sax. Michael’s second CD, Music You Can’t Refuse, features musicians Bernie Dresel and Bob Harsen – drums, Brad Cummings, Mark Goldberg and Ric Fierabracci – bass, Chris Barron and Steve Weingart – piano, Vince Denham and Larry Klimas – Sax. Percussionist on both recordings was the renowned John Pickell.