Michael Hickam

2013 Recipient – Mark Vigil Singer/Songerwriter of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee – Hot AC Artist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

I was born in Carson City, NV and lived at Lake Tahoe in Incline Village. When I was still a baby my family moved to the Seattle area. I grew up on what the locals call the East Hill of Kent. In the middle of High School I moved to the Dallas area and finished High School and some college as a Vocal Performance Major at Collen College. After deciding that that major would not really help the path in music that i wanted for myself i decided to take classes in culinary Arts my second love. Yes the joke is I’m the singing chef. I missed Home so I moved back to the Seattle area. I work as a singing waiter at a wine bar and restaurant in Kent called The Grape Adventure. I Love what I do, and that is were i have been discovered. You can come see me sing there on most week nights if I’m not traveling. I also sing at weddings. My grandpa was my voice teacher growing up, and both him and my great grandpa were singers. My great grandpa was somewhat like a real life Ricky Ricardo, famous in a lot of circles in old Holly Wood and had a lot of famous friends but never really made it big himself. I was very close to him and grew up listening to his records. His big booming Bass voice singing areas and crooner hits like Some Enchanted Evening performing at the Star Light Bowl. He even sang for Ronald Reagan when he was still the Governor of California. I grew up singing in church and leading the worship bands. I loved Singing and using the gifts that God has given me. I also volunteer at a local middle school choir when I can, helping kids is always fun. I Love singing solo stuff and I love being with groups as well, witch is why I love being a member of the Federal Way Choral and one of their tenor soloists. I cant believe that I have been so blessed to have such an amazing lyricist as Nancy Jean Somerville she is a true friend and blessing, whose words practically write their own melodies. This makes my job very easy. I cant wait to see all that is ahead of me, especially when my past has been such a great blessing and knowing that the future will be even better!!