Michael Tiernan

Live Performance

Performer at the 14th annual LA Music Awards

Nominee Independent Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the 14th annual LA Music Awards

Music may have saved his life. After surviving cancer at age 16, music became his helpmate in processing the ‘big questions’ that came to him at an early age. At 18, he took his newly found passion for life and music traveling the country in a van with a group of wacky Catholic hippies giving retreats to young people. College found him criss-crossing through Europe with his guitar. Hanging with monks deep in desert monasteries and later living in the Vatican as a seminarian in his 20’s on the way to becoming a priest, yet he left that calling for a higher one, music…Years later, now a seasoned performer and award-winning songwriter – what would a person like this have to say about life? Plenty, especially when magnified through the prism of a song.

Meet Michael Tiernan. Through the experiences of what could be ten lifetimes, Michael is an artist who has plunged into and explored the deep spaces of personal and worldly conflict, the beauty of love and nature, as well as the meaning of suffering and pervasive unhappiness that threatens our human experience on all sides. In his music, he resurfaces from these depths beaming with a positive outlook for all of us.
Michael recently released his 5th studio album, “Inside Your Head”. Long-time followers of Tiernan’s career might agree with San Diego Union Tribune’s George Varga when he notes, “On his fifth and most accomplished album, the 12-song “Inside Your Head,” the usually upbeat San Diego singer-songwriter and former seminary student also explores more gritty themes. Some of them are conveyed in the titles to such absorbing songs as “Dark Heart” and “Rage.” The result is the most musically and lyrically varied work of Tiernan’s career.” Michael has a knack for straddling genres in all his releases, and his latest work can be described as Imagine Dragons meets Jack Johnson meets Radiohead meets Bob Marley. Throughout Tiernan’s career, he has seamlessly melded elements of folk, reggae, bluegrass, blues, and modern pop rock into his brand of acoustic guitar-centric music. The San Diego Troubadour notes, “Inside Your Head” is relentlessly catchy, slickly produced pop that reflects Michael Tiernan’s ability as a master of hooks-and it has something to say.”

Some of Michael’s songwriting and performing accomplishments have included:
– 2-time Los Angeles Music Awards winner for Winner for: Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year and Triple-A Album of the Year
– Songwriter of the Year, Pacific Songwriting Competition
– International Acoustic Music Awards Male Artist of the Year Runner-Up
– International Songwriting Competition Finalist
– Great American Song Contest Finalist
– Best of San Diego, San Diego Magazine
– Falcon Ridge Festival Songwriting Finalist
– Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition Finalist

“Acclaimed singer-songwriter Michael Tiernan is a master of the soaring chorus and catchy hook line. His music places equal emphasis on piano and guitar, so fans of Coldplay, Crowded House and even Oasis’ softer moments will find much to admire in Tiernan tunes, such as “Write Me a Love Song.” Currently working on his fifth album, Tiernan’s rep grows with each release. Crucial to his success is that he’s a great all-around entertainer, from musicianship to between-song banter. All of his albums to date have won or been nominated for music awards around the country, but it’s his live set that’s helped Tiernan become one the area’s most popular singer-songwriters.”
– Bart Mendoza, San Diego Reader