Mirror Garden

Highlight Reel

1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Mirror Garden is a alternative 90’s progressive rock band which I had the privilige of meeting and working with on this video back in 1994. Little is known of the group today, and so I’m sharing today their four part video E.P. “Welcome to The Land of Mirrors,” which was named after their debut independent CD. Wamt more MG music? -Check out my channel for more videos. This CD is currently available via amazon.com’s marketplace, and you might be able to find it on iTunes.

The night we made this E.P. I served as the main camera man who got all the central shots, which also became the most effective in the entire show. We only used two cameras that night. While I was the one who panned my camera around, the video’s producer Jim Stump had one mounted on a tripod which he used to get pick-up shots.

The last I heard, Mirror Garden had disbanded quite some time agoe. In my eyes this group and this video set is legendary. As you can hear they made great music. – There’s not a single bad tune on their album.

I’m posting this clip series as a way to let them know they are loved and appreciated, and that I think that this is their time for over due recognition. Sit back and enjoy rockin out with this TOTALLY AWESOME group.