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About the Music

On October 23, 2009, Inland Artist, Mobetta Loretta released her debut album entitled, “Salt of the Earth” on the independent music label, Indepth Music located in Riverside, CA. The album features eleven songs rich with diverse blues, folk and rock influences. There are plenty of hooks and infectious choruses which support a strong radio air-play presence.

“Salt of the Earth” is a concept album, based upon the characters from a 1954 film with the same title, which starred Mobetta Loretta’s great uncle, Juan Chacon. It was the only movie that was blacklisted by the U.S. government and attacked for being subversive during the McCarthy travesty.

Mobetta Loretta’s uncle starred as himself in the movie and featured many other non-professional actors. Chacon was the leader of the union, who fought for equality for the Mexican-American miners in a small town called Santa Rita, New Mexico. Mobetta Loretta’s aunt, Virginia Chacon, was portrayed by a professional actress named, Rosaura Revueltas. Virginia Chacon was a pre-feminist thinker and leader in her own right. Not only does Mobetta Loretta show that her uncle was a strong leader in obtaining civil rights in the workplace but, her aunt was also a strong example of overcoming adversity in the areas of class and gender.

When the miners received a court injunction to prevent them from striking, their wives took their places on the picket line. The women marched for 15 long months, endured being harrassed by the police and were even thrown into jail. But these, strong men and women never gave up until they obtained equality.

The songs on Mobetta Loretta’s album, pay tribute to these men and women, whose stories are brought to life through these songs. Mobetta Loretta wrote these songs using what she felt was how the character’s voices would tell their stories.

Much like folklore used to be told to others to preserve their legacies, now the story of bravery and triumph in the human and civil rights front is captured once again. LIsten to their stories. Learn about the lives of these miners and their families through these songs on the album, “Salt fo the Earth,” by Mobetta Loretta.