Moses and the Guys with Jobs

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Moses Hauffen (born Moises Carlos Hauffen, in East Los Angeles CA.) has been writing songs since his days as a singer/guitarist performing with high school and college rock bands during the late 60’s and through the 70’s. On the strength of his songs, one of these bands, That Happy Few, was offered a recording contract by ABC/Dunhill Records but the group decided not to sign!?! In the early 80’s, Moses had a song picked up by Bop-A-Lu Music Publishing…… and was never heard from again. In the mid 90’s, after hearing some of his songs, L.A. producer and cable show host, Vic Silva, urged Moses to record a CD “You’re not getting any younger.” he said. Vic was right!

So with Moses on guitars and vocals, Rick Fowler on drums, and Ken Winber on bass, forming the core of the group, and with “V” Vladimir of VPI studios recording and mixing, the CD “Moses and the Guys with Jobs” was born.

An eclectic mix of styles that include Bluesy Rock, Tex-Mex, and Contemporary Folk, it also features Moses’ sons, Paul on drums, and John with his art work, in addition to old friends from That Happy Few; Bruce Goss (guitar solos), Michael Heralda (harmonies), and Bill Hernandez (bass). Also rounding out the sound are new friends Tony Miramontes (Hammond B3 organ), Steve Moran (harmonica), Howard Swerdloff (percussion) and Thom Teresi (piano).

The CD “Moses and the Guys with Jobs” was released and distributed by Rhombus Records in 2000 and was nominated at the 10th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in Nov.2000 for “Best Independent Rock Album”. It includes the songs “Juanita” & “Evangelina” which have taken turns at the #1 spot multiple times on the mp3 Tex-Mex charts, “Ave 21″ which received a Certificate of Achievement from the Unisong International Song Contest 2000 for placing in the top 10% of over 3500 entries, and “Automobile” which was nominated Best Singer Songwriter song by the 2001 Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

Moses continues to write and record, and performs solo and with the “Guys with Jobs” originals band and the “Geree and The Groove” cover band in the Los Angeles area.