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Start Date
Founded in January 2010
Short Description
Music Xray puts musicians and songwriters directly in touch with industry professionals and market opportunities for their music.
Company Overview
What is it?
Music Xray puts musicians, song owners, producers, performers and songwriters directly in touch with mass exposure opportunities and with professionals who can help them improve, give advice and career coaching. Get the musicians’ user guide here:

Who is it for?

It is for artists who want to be discovered, be developed and to match their songs to exposure opportunities.
It is for producers, A&R talent, music supervisors, industry professionals and avid fans that want to leverage their talents, their golden ears and to be exposed to all kinds of new music, and that want to be first finding the best of the best.

Why use it?

Artists can drastically decrease the time and money spent before reaching opportunity gatekeepers and opportunities. They can get the valuable coaching and career advice they need to make it.
Industry professionals can save time, leverage their expertise and more efficiently filter & find songs and artists for opportunities.

Contact us:
Long Description
Contact us:
Music Xray song presentation packages help artists measure, monitor & grow market demand for their songs.

They are also accepted by many music industry professionals, labels, producers and music supervisors as the A&R submission of choice.

What we offer for new and established artists are the following:
1. To submit a song to an industry professional. -

2. To get a Music Xray song presentation package with which to promote their music. -

3. To put their songs in our search engine. -

If you are a music industry professional or organization and would like to create a profile and drop box go to: