Myla Poole

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Nominee for Independent Jazz Artist of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Professional Jazz/Blues Singer/Performer, Musician,Writer,Producer, Choreographer,Musical Theater Actress/ Dancer
Greater Los Angeles AreaEntertainment
Self-employed – Pro Jazz Singer
Thes Jazz lounges, London,Paris, DFrance Neece,Cannes,Chicago, LA,Hollywood, Bev Hills, New York, Pensacola, FL, etc…
Southern Technical College in Birmmingham, AL
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I am extemely ambitious and a go-getter…I am resilient and very good with people on so many levels. I listen not just hear to what others say to me. I am humble yet confident and have lots of energy and I smile a whole lot. I have a desire and always have to touch the hearts of my audience and always have them feel every word I sing as it’s coming from the heart. I give my all to the audience and make sure I am attentive to their applause and very appreciative. I have a great since of humor and know how to get a crowds undivided attention and keep it. I’m very good-hearted and aso have a very energetic personality. I’m real and not pretentious in any way. I’m just myself. I have lots of class, and am very articulate and educated. I’m very down to earth as well. I am very caring to the bands ideas and their needs and wants on how they’d like to try a certain style to a song I may do in a totally different way. I am working on a new album with my own original music right now. It’s coming along really well.
As far as my modeling career goes, I’m always looking for new jobs and am with one agency just as of yet and am looking to get with another one that will get me out there… not just in California but Nationally.

Specialties:Singing and modeling… I also play piano, guitar and drums very well. I am also very good at engineering in my studio using my Pro-tools. I’m also an expert at harmony! I also write. I love to be in front of the camera and am a natural.

Pro Jazz Singer and Musician/Producer/Writer/Choreographer
Self-employed – Pro Jazz Singer
January 1989 – Present (26 years 8 months)Southern California
I have traveled the world singing/performing Jazz/Blues music since I was 19 years old. I have a hit album out called, “Lush Life.” produced and composed by Rob Mullins a world renowned composer and Pianist. I also have a music video that I produced, stared in, casted, choreographed, edit, & produced. The name of my album and Music Video is, “Lush Life.” Check this album of miine out at… Always looking for musicians and for singing jobs as well. I am very professsional, experienced and lots of fun and easy to work with as well. I also Model fashion print. commercial and now do Lifestyle modeling as well. I just had a recent photo shoot in Atlanta that went really well. Always looking for jobs in this area as well.
You name it I’ve worked there…LOL!.Montes, Jacks,The Hilton Hotel, Hollywood Hotel, Frank & Deans
Thes Jazz lounges
March 2002 – September 2011 (9 years 7 months)Los Angeles Area
Always 5 star hotels, and 5 star Restuarants and lots of private Up-scale parited in The Hollywoood hills and Bev Hills area…Malibu as well
Professional Jazz Singer,Writer, Musician, Producer, Editor, Pianist, drums, guiitar and engineer
London,Paris, DFrance Neece,Cannes,Chicago, LA,Hollywood, Bev Hills, New York, Pensacola, FL, etc…
June 1997 – September 2011 (14 years 4 months)
I was born singing with my 3 older sisters singing gospel in 4 part harmoney…I have a lot of gospel sounding soul in my voice and I know from growing up in a half balck and half white church, that’s what made our choir and us 4 Jeter girls so soulful and so into the music because we always sang from deep insifde our hearts. I sing with a big band on Sundays and at a Restuaunt Lounge on Tuesdays….Looking for better work…More pay and better spots. I am use to singing at the best 5 star hotels and restuarants. Looking to get back into that again. Was out of the loop singing because of the death of my mother…I had to grieve for a while and now I’m ready to sing just like I use to. ALL THE TIME. So, if you are looking for a great singer that will garauntee you a following always after the first gig look no further. I am good with a crowd always have been. It’s important to go up and greet and talk to the audience indivuidula tables of people at a time between sets. That’s how I get them to always come back. Plus they love to hear and watch me sing and perform with a TOP OF THE HEAP Band!!! I am an original all the way…You’ll see.
(Open)1 project
Volunteer Experience & Causes

The Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyTriathlon
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
April 2008 – August 2008 (5 months)Health
I ran, I swam and biked in a Triathlon in Maui to help research medical scientist find a cure for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Causes Myla cares about:
Animal Welfare
Arts and Culture
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
Science and Technology

ASL ” American Sign Language”

My “Lush Life” Song/Music Video
October 2008 – October 2008
My Album ” Lush Life” has been recently remastered in April of this year 2013…It’selling more across the world today then it was back 5 yrs ago when I first had it recorded and produced. My Music Video tells a story like this song does. It’s captivating.

“”LUSH LIFE”: MYLA POOLE – Remastered & released April 2013(Link)
Los Angeles, CA Rob Mullins Productions/Myla Sounds Prodcutions
April 12, 2013
I Just remastered my hit album “Lush Life” and recently released in April 2013 of this year. I am amazed how people all over the world are more into Jazz now and in buying my album now than when it was first released 5 years ago. Since then I have also Produced, Stared in, Choreographed, Did all the Casting in the 3 days, My Executive producer suggested a very well known, very accomplished Music…more