Nadia Sohaei

Live Performance

2010 Nominee – Electronica/Dance Artist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Nadia Sohaei is an electronic pop artist.
After her classical career of piano and voice, she discovered the synthesizer world . Working with music, she created soundtracks for movies and music for the soul, as “Thai-Essence”.

She meet ” Trans – X” and was playing live keyboards with Pascal Languirand in the world tours.
After this collaboration, she kept doing concerts as ” Thai – Essence ” , with records like “Inside” or “This is my Life” and the recently “Dreamcatcher”, where she developed her talent for piano arrangements and opera.

In 2006, she start her first solo project in Electro Music, “Talking to myself”
wich has made one of the most important unsigned artists. In 2007 , Nik Wejedal became part of the project, on live keyboards , aditional vocals and as visual designer. In March 2008 Nadia Sohaei signs with Decadance Records for the release of the album “Talking to Myself” in October 15th. Now “Talking to Myself” is available in stores around the world.

Nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2009 in Electronic Music. Right now Nominated in LA Music Awards 2010 for Best Electronic Artist – Los Angeles, California.

Band Members:
Nadia Sohaei

Audrey Hepburn, 80’s & 90’s Fashion Designers & Music, Ed Wood, Fritz Lang (Metropolis), Salvador Dali, Marsupial mammals and old generation Robots .

Electro Synth Pop
Band Members
Nadia Sohaei , Nick W.
Los Angeles
Record Label
Decadance Records
Current Location
Los Angeles
Classicals, Kraftwerk , Laura Brannigan , OMD , Alphaville
Press Contact
001 310 724 8063