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Wedding Music and Live Bands

Whether you want to throw a small, informal party or a huge corporate event there’s no better way to liven things up than with a professional live party band or dance band. A good music band will add more excitement than any other single item. Of course, if you bring in your neighborhood garage band, and they’re a little rough around the edges, you can save money, but the entertainment value may be disappointing. For events that are important, don’t settle for entertainment that’s inferior, spend a little more and get something that your guests will appreciate.

Dance bands come in all shapes and sizes, anywhere from a tiny three-piece group to a gigantic 30-piece band or more. Typically, if you’re looking for dance music, you’ll want to settle in on a group with at least 6 players. This size of a cover band will usually get you a lead guitarist, bass player, drummer, keyboardist, and two vocalists. Are two singers really important? Absolutely! Two singers, especially if one is a male and one is a female, will give you a much wider range of song options.

Dance Bands for Events

Three singers is even better than two. Normally, with multiple vocalists, assuming you’ve hired a first-rate band, they’ll add a lot of extra energy to the event because they’ll be able to interact with each other, or play off each other. And the premier bands will include some synchronized choreographed moves while they’re performing, and crowds go crazy for high-energy groups.

It’s also possible to add a horn section, which again, will add life to the musical numbers. The horns in the majority of today’s current radio hits actually come from synthesized sounds that the keyboard player provides. However, if you want a band that’ll play older, classic hits, especially tunes from the 1970s, a horn section will add a lot of “pop” to the songs. Disco was big during the 1970s, as well as other similar music styles, and they relied heavily on horns.

If you’re planning a wedding reception, you may want to consider hiring a live wedding band to provide the dance music. In the old days bands weren’t commonly seen at receptions, but things are totally different today. It seems like today everyone wants to make their wedding day unforgettable, and what better way to do that than with a wedding music band. Plus, most good wedding bands can also provide ceremony music and dinner or cocktail music. For ceremonies you won’t use the whole band, just a vocalist plus two or three of the band members; maybe a guitarist and keyboardist, or keyboard player and bass player, or some other combination.

There’s nothing like live music to bring a crowd to their feet. So if you’re planning an event and want it to be something magical, it’s time to start looking for a band that’ll provide quality music.