Nominated for Record of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “Nitengale” Produced by Nitengale and Stephen Pettyjohn

Producers Choice Recipient for Christian Contemporary Artist of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Christian Contemporary Artist

In 2oo8, the Alaskan piano based rock band Nitengale made its debut as the Word Records Artist Ovation National winner and continued on through the year playing many of todays biggest Christian Music Festivals. The bands audience and fan base grew exponentially as the year progressed and now coming in to 2009, has the band returning to last years festivals and so much more.

The tour will be ranging both east and west coasts and will be pushing the Bands new CD release and new prospects for 2009. There is expected to be a great turnout for this year considering the amplitude of last years tour, and with that excitement the band is equally eager to give their listeners a new taste of this years album.

The powerful musical sounds and message produced from Nitengale will be as strong as ever. With soaring guitar melodies and neo-classical piano composition stretching over age and preference, Nitengales broad spectrum of listeners will still have the signature sound they have yearned for since the previous year.

Along with this years tour, Nitengale has joined with the international ministry Compassion, and are very excited about working with the program and all that it entails. (

Several months ago, the band decided it would be best to be located out of Nashville, TN to be closer to Word Records, and to be in a more centralized location for touring. The move has been very good for the band and has allowed for many large churches to book them throughout the year. With the great reviews and acceptance of Nitengales first self recorded EP Theatres, 2009 is looking very bright for the four members of Nitengale and their fans. God willing, they will continue to stir the Christian and secular music scenes with their original sound.

Nitengale is always looking for more places to play so please contact us with any request. Please Contact Nitengales Manager Barbie Baumgartner at or 907-488-3460


Band Members
Josh Baumgartner-Keys and Vox
Song Writer & Music Director

Fairbanks, Ak/Nashville, Tn
Record Label
Short Description
Nitengale is a piano based rock band formed in 2008 from Fairbanks Alaska and you need to check it out some music on the
Current Location
US – Alaska