Noisy Planet

Sponsor – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Noisy Planet is an online music community helping artists in every corner of the world to connect with fans and colleagues.

Noisy Planet is dedicated to creating the easiest way for independent artists and bands to post and sell music on the worldwide web. Our simple interface makes it easy for artists to connect with new and existing fans. Whether these fans are friends and co-workers, a local club following, or like-minded music enthusiasts from around the world, we will partner with every artist to promote their material in the most user friendly online environment possible.

Every artist that comes to us will get dedicated online space at Noisy Planet along with a personalized URL so that fans can easily find the artist. They also get a supply of personalized 4”x6” postcards that can be handed out at work, school, or at gigs to help promote the artists’ presence on Noisy Planet.

Noisy Planet also provides support services to artists that have recorded music prior to the digital age. Many of our clients have vinyl records and cassettes, as well as DAT masters. For these artists, Noisy Planet offers analog-to-digital file conversion so we can post their recordings online as MP3’s and enable them to promote their music from their dedicated web space. Then anyone, anywhere can download the music anytime.

We offer paid downloads to consumers and quarterly royalty checks to our recording artists. Files downloaded from Noisy Planet do not carry any Digital Rights Management (DRM) codes – those software scripts that track customer usage and prohibit customers from making copies of the files – because we believe that the DRM’s do nothing more than limit customers’ ability to enjoy music they have legitimately paid for. Our goal is to enhance the overall customer experience and increase the likelihood that all visitors will become advocates for Noisy Planet and its artists.