Norman Lubow

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Independent Feature Screenplay of the Year Hollywood Fame 2007 “The Hellemarketer”

Hello my fellow herb worshippers and pro marijuana activists.   On this anniversary of 9-11, it’s time to expose the myth of Al Qaeda and the newest myth of ISIS.  The fact that the Obama administration has created this fake terrorist group ISIS to act as a boogeyman to keep US troops in the MID EAST forever now once and for all proves that the Bush administration was obviously behind 9-11.  If the supposed left wing Obama would let the CIA create ISIS, means that there is now no doubt that Bush created 9-11 to keep the military industrial complex fully in charge of our country.  Wake up sheeple, Bush created 9-11 and Obama created ISIS, now the pro marijuana people who can see through this government smoke screen have to now create a non violent revolution to take back our country.  Support Rev. Bud and the new POT (People Opposing Tyranny) Party and let’s shake the bonds of mental slavery and really taste freedom on this anniversary of the greatest government hoax since the Nazi’s and Hitler bombed the Reichstag.  Hail freedom and oppose government Tyranny from the Republicratic party.