Open Window

Highlight Reel

Performer – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Nominated for Independent Rock Album of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Open Window was formed in Los Angeles in 2004 by Daniel Bautista and Jimmy Rutherford. Daniel is an AMC recording artist, and producer for Asa Cruz & Dina Torok. The band is: Daniel Bautista on vocals & guitar, Jimmy Rutherford on lead guitars, Wayne Rothstein on bass & vocals, and John Aponte on drums. Wayne has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from San Diego State, and has recorded for CBS, and Firehouse Studios. John has played with the L.A. Lakers band, and Asa Cruz, and is a graduate of L.A.M.A. Jimmy has played for years in the L.A. club circuit, graduated from M.I. in Hollywood, and is a prolific song-writer. By combining their talents, Daniel and the boys have created the hook-driven tunes that define their sound. Brought together by the rush of playing live, and the joy of a good singable song, Open Window started out by playing shows at the Universal Citywalk Summer Concert Series, The Hard Rock Cafe’s in Beverly Center & Universal City, The Derby, and other L.A. based clubs. They quickly refined their material offstage to get it ready for their first album together in 2005. Being longtime musicians, the boys all knew how to lay down tracks and have a blast in the studio. The way it should be. In 2006 they were invited to include two tracks from their album on the Monster Energy Drink compilation CD. They were also honored as nominees for “Independent Rock Album of the Year”, and received the award for “Best Lyrical Content” at the 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. Open Window performed on the main stage at the awards show November 9th 2006. TONIGHT