Out Vile Jelly

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Alex Kimmell – Bandmember

Out Vile Jelly – – – – Greg Upton – – Jack Devine – Scott Burns – Best Hard Rock Band, Best Guitar Player, Best Bass Player, Best Drummer

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Do you dream in sounds? Can you hear in colors?…out vile jelly… will take you on a journey towards the heart of us all…out vile jelly…sounds that vibrate your mind as well as your eardrums with melodies that will leave you humming for days…out vile jelly…lyrics that tell true stories of life’s love and hope, broken dreams and fears, passion and pain…out vile jelly…if you enjoy potent music so powerful you can’t sit still…out vile jelly…if you like music that means something…out vile jelly…if you just like to rock…out vile jelly…are you ready?

out vile jelly are four very unique and innovative musicians who have come together to create a new sound in order to express their distinct collective vision. Greg Upton – vocals, Jack Devine – guitar, Scott Burns – bass and Alex Kimmell – drums. All four are experienced songwriters with an ever expanding and diversified repertoire. Each band member has his own unique background in music ranging from afro/cuban music, jazz, funk, r&b, choral, orchestral, and flat out rock & roll. All of these ingredients blend together to create a totally fresh new sound called out vile jelly. Be prepared for the future of music.

Press Reviews

“Who’s better than 85% of MTV? Who gives a routinely dull morning a jumpstart? Who should be the next supergroup? out vile jelly. Talented, literate, and nice, these boys kept me out past my bedtime and in the morning, I had to put in their tape to get some more.” -Michelle Mills (Factor X Magazine)

“Performance-wise… out vile jelly has it down. The foursome jives well together eith each guy respecting and praising the other onstage. The band has displayed it has the goods and it’ll all fall into place soon enough.” -Gena Nason (BAM Magazine)

“This creative foursome successfully mixes a variety of funky bass lines, driving drum beats with hissing guitar schemes and knee-slapping melodic chords. out vile jelly offer a truly impressive listen.” -Gavin Magazine

“Every ovj song is grounded in the inventive, enthralling and faultless executed rhythms of both drummer Alex Kimmell and bassist Scott Burns. Much of out vile jelly’s unique feel stems from guitarist Jack Devine. ovj’s Greg Upton sings with strenght and passionte conviction, lending clear articulation to the truly meaningful lyrics. This is the best unsigned CD I’ve heared all year!” -Lex Talionus (Rock City News)