Paul Drago

Music Video

2013 Honorable Mention¬†–¬†23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Abby Cubey’s Feel My Fire has been applauded as “DareDevil”, “Over the Top”, “Sexy”, “Crazy-Insane” and a host of other outrageous descriptions but it continues to hold up as the Car song of the century, following –the Beach Boys 409, little deuce coup,, the Shangri-Las LEADER OF THE PACK. One big difference, Abby is singing to her lover, the $750K Raptor by Mosler. (If the Beach Boys can love a gar why not). This video used the actual car sounds that was recorded on Venice Blvd near Culver City on an iPhone, then imported into a track on the mix down. Abby garnished 3 LA Music Award nominations, Electronica Artist, Electronica Single, and Best Video.
Here is the Official JOJOKID Music mix and Video by producers Drago-Rojaz, songwriters writers Cubey-Drago-Rojaz-Irish, Video producers Eric Ciccino-Abby Cubey — Amber Nicole Irish.

Inspired by the love to race and be the winner, Abby’s car song of the century is the natural follow-up to the “Leader of the Pack” or “She Real Fine My 409″, The car sounds were recorded on the streets of LA using the car in the video. It has been labeled as crazy, seductive, wild, sexy and one of Abby’s best.
The video has ben nominated by the LA Music wards and the song has 2 of its own.