Highlight Reel

Nominated for Independent Rock Album of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards – Album: “Ascent from Hell”

Special Achievement in Live Performance – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

The 1st Album from the Influential Los Angeles 4 piece modern rock band

If it kicks New England’s ass, then it licks your HOLLYWOOD ASS!
This CD will keep your Sunset Strip sorry asses up all night long. If you still can’t fall asleep, just put the CD on track 1 all over again.

This album is sure to rise to the top
This album has hardcore guitar sounds,fist smashing drums,and awsome vocals.Sure to become a classic for all metal lovers.
Ron Scott

An absolutely essential collectors album.
I think this is the first in what is no doubtably to be a classic band for the ages. This is like nothing I’ve ever heard but yet the vibe of it is comfortable and as inviting as an old favorite.This is a MUST-HAVE album!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Old Rocker

Great Big and Bad
A big new sound with great vocals and bitchin guitar riffs with big bang drums. Can’t wait for Pinheads’ next CD!

good in real life you rock
Your ombiance is so pearcing I had the best time listening and watching you rock!