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2013 Honorable Mention – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Peter John Pappas was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where he studied piano, theatre, and music at the young age of five. In addition to learning his scales, he would create his own melodies on the piano. Peter progressed to putting on self-written shows in his basement, and then to college where he studied marketing and theatre for four years. As he grew older, his appreciation and love for pop and dance music grew. He was fascinated by the culture of a hit pop song, and the adventure an artist goes through to create it. Peter came up with the name POPIZ, derived from both the word POP and his last name, Pappas. “POP-IZ the inner monster, dying to be released”. While creating a fusion of dance, electronica, and pop music with lyrics that tell tales, he has found his sound. He is currently finishing up his debut E.P album: “Lost and Found”, ready to release it and show the world what POP IZ all about. Look for “Lost and Found” early this fall. In the mean time, you can preview some of his tracks from the album, here on Reverbnation.com!