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Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Hip-hop artists often glamorize the lives of drug kingpins, gangsters, and pimps. Unfortunately Pablo Escobar, John Gotti, and Hugh Hefner don’t write raps, but Humboldt hip-hop duo Potluck do and have elevated the standard for weed based hip-hop. Born and raised in the endless Marijuana fields of Humboldt County, California, the weed capital of the world, Potluck has lived constantly surrounded by acres of weed plants, thousands of pounds, and the inventors of all the popular strains. Through the power of music, Potluck tells the full story of the only drug business where the hippie is king and peace, love, and happiness reign supreme.

“We come from Humboldt County, California, where weed is a way of life,” says UnderRated. “If you listen to Potluck you will know what it’s like to live in the Mecca of Marijuana and how it changes your way of thinking way beyond smoking blunts.”

Potluck’s unison of a giant African-American and small Jewish white guy, might seem odd but has managed to create one of the best underground hip-hop groups to emerge on the scene in years. The group launched onto the national scene in 2006 with their now classic debut “Straight Outta Humboldt” Potluck’s lyrical depth, rapid fire flows and head nodding beats were embraced by hip-hop enthusiasts who were left jonesing for their next fix.

With the release of 2009’s “Pipe Dreams”, Potluck claimed their position in the upper echelon of the hip-hop underground. The Source Magazine championed the group’s sound saying, “There are good vibe undercurrents throughout this 21-cut ode to the high life.” The group’s sticky musical chemistry has also paved the way to collaborations with Strange Music’s Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko, Chali 2na from Jurassic 5, The Luniz, Mystik Journeymen, D12, and Bay area hip-hop legend E-40.

Potluck’s grinding blue collar work ethic, unwavering perseverance, and grassroots campaign to build a fan base is one of the most impressive stories in hip-hop. UnderRated handles most of the production and has produced tracks for many top 200 billboard albums. They are both multi-talented artists, they are DJ’s, rappers, and avid hip-hop junkies. The group has spent the last four years on the road consistently performing for hip-hop diehards all across the globe on tours with Tech N9ne, La Coka Nostra and a recent 40-date tour Co-Headlining with platinum rappers D12.

“We got a whole Potluck movement going on across the country. If someone doesn’t know about Potluck they just don’t know what’s been happening on the underground. We’ve been doing nationwide tours and selling units by being out on the road and in people’s faces.” commented 1 Ton. “We out there shaking hands with fans, rocking shows, and campaigning to the masses. We on the grind, and it’s paying off.”

Now this group of hip-hop hippies is back and ready to light up the airwaves with their new album “Rhymes & Resin”. Potluck’s greatest musical weapon is their ability to show all sides of their personalities and seamlessly shift between artistic styles. “Rhymes & Resin” is packed with enough diversity to satisfy any hip-hop lover, whether they are professing their love for the genre as an art-form (“3 Minute Miracle”, “Microphone Killa”, “Hands Up”), smoking out with friends (“Smoke Session”, “Light That Sh*t Up”), wearing their heart on their sleeves (“Forbidden Love”, “I’m Different”), or fighting for the blue collar working class (“Gonna Be Alright”).

To aid them in their quest for hip-hop royalty, Potluck enlisted some of the genre’s most potent emcees to unleash the hounds for a hip-hop feeding frenzy. Murs from Living Legends and Mistah FAB join forces with Potluck on “Hands Up” to unite diverse styles for an epic track about thinking for yourself and the freedom to create good music, while La Coka Nostra’s Ill Bill and Slaine perform a lyrical murder in “Microphone Killa”. Cash Money Records’ Glasses Malone joins the group on “Born To Be A Mic King” to create a new West Coast anthem, and King Gordy drops by for a musical smokeout on “Light That Sh*t Up” that will surely delight fans of greener pastures.

“We’re music junkies and we listen to all types of hip-hop so that is a definite influence, but what influences our music most is our life and what we go through,” says UnderRated. “We hit on so many emotions and vibes on this record that there is something for everybody. We are just two people sharing what we’ve seen and been through. Our style is unique and we are the only ones who can tell this story. Our records are like diaries, all you have to do is listen and you’ll learn about our life.”

With the release of their new album, “Rhymes & Resin”, Potluck is primed and ready to go from the Marijuana Fields of Humboldt County straight into the mainstream.