Prodigee Records

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Sponsor of the 12th annual LA Music Awards

Start Date
Founded in 1995
Short Description
Are you looking for Record Distribution or need one or all of our wide range of services that we offer? If the answer is yes then contact us TODAY!
Long Description
Prodigee Records is an Indie Label headed by
CEO & Founder Paxton with Major, National & International distribution

We specialize in developing artists from the ground up
We believe in the grass roots approach, but at the same time creating quality production, writing & originality to keep the artist fresh & sounding unique. In a marketplace where everything & everyone sounds the same we must as music lovers demand a difference in our intake of music, or it will continue to influence everyone to sound the same.

Prodigee Records spends most of our time releasing compilations introducing new artists to the market place. We do sign new artists we have a limit on marketing of each product we put you into the studio, package the album & get it distributed to all the major digital stores… first & if the record does well we follow with brick & mortor
record stores worldwide. We are always looking for new artists who have a marketing plan to assist in pushing your project in the right direction! We also Offer National Radio Campaigns… If you are Interested in having your album Distributed Contact us Through Direct Message
Services We Provide
• Producing
• Writing
• Arranging
• Publishing & Co-Publishing
• Worldwide Distribution
• Recording Studio Rent
•#1 Independent Record Label in Las Vegas
•7-time award winning Producers
•5 time award winning Artist
•Worldwide Distribution for Artist

Tribute to tupac, sirena, “Emotions”. tha bonafied,Lavish lifestyle’s stone paxton, zodiac vol 1 Latin ryders vol 1, r&b compulation vol 1,