Red Carpet Interview

I grew up to be a fun driven, spur of the moment, and eager to get my hands on anything that would enable me to put a smile on someone’s face, type of girl. I was influenced by the mood of nature, and the spontaneity of human emotion. If I could charm you, that made my day.

With such ongoing jovial energy, my mother figured she’d better put her daughter in an active program where she could exert all that energy and creativity. So “little Valerie” AKA “Raistalla,” at the tender age of six was enrolled in dance, music and voice training from elementary school to high school. Tap couldn’t have been the better dance form for me to learn first, as my key forte of today is that of sound and movement combined. “I am the sound and the movement.” Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, African, and many other forms of dance soon followed through the years leading to my career as a professional dancer.

After performing for several years as a professional dancer in the Dance entertainment industry, the time has come for me to transform and emerge as an artist and take center stage as a singer/performer. My debut album, “RAISTALLA,” was experimental; basically a tool for me to physically show my transfer from dancer to singer/performing artist. It enabled me to put many different characters and abilities on display for people to understand what I want to do. “I’m a performer; I become the scenario and manifest it through music and dance.”

I have toured Japan, and performed in NY, and LA promoting my debut album. I feel now that my album has served its purpose. Now I have found the direction to take my new sound to the next level. It’s called “Electro-Funk!” It’s an exiting fusion of Funk, Pop, and Electronica. Apart form the album, my single “Shut It Down” released in 2007, represents the “over the top, in your face” party MC who just wants to make you dance. You can hear samples of each song on my website. It will give you a taste of my talent. My first video is now released, and can be viewed on www.myspace.com/raistallamusic, www.youtube.com/watch?v=znJqAbAM64s, and on my website, www.raistalla.com.

I WON “Best Audience Winner” that is the “most voted” for my video, at the Digifestival 2007 in Florence Italy. You can check it out here: http://digichannel.net/index_artist.php?cat=3&subc=17&art=28&video=24. I was also one of 6 finalist on “WE ARE LISTENING.org” round 3, for best video; and thanks to Musicgorilla.com, I have been selected for the MTV’s Music Catalogue.

Thanks to SUPREME LYRICS, my music video “Shut It Down” is now airing on Internet Much Vibe and on Much Music, Canada. Request for my video here: http://www.muchmusic.com/tv/mod20/talk_to_us.aspx

I am looking for sponsors, and a possible label deal for my next album, so if you or anyone you know is interested in making a lot money, please contact me at raistalla@gmail.com.

Member of ASCAP

Welcome to my world!