Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Performer – 11th Annual LA Music Awards 2001

Nominated for Outstanding Music Video –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Song: “No Pain”

Nominated for Independent Rock Artist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Special Achievment in Live Performance – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite tune would come on the radio, so you’d crank it up to level ten and rock out in your room? Soon enough, mom would be pounding on your door yelling, “Turn down that racket!” Well, the members of the L.A. based industrial band Rakit sure do remember that, and they wanna make sure to provide the music for future generations to piss off their moms. With the release of their self-titled six-song EP, the boys have definitely succeeded in that goal.

Rakit’s music possesses the industrial punch of Apartment 26, the creativity of God Lives Underwater, and the angst and sorrow of Nirvana, all in one loud package. The first song on the EP, named “Lethargic,” is an ode to the lazy and sessile people of the world. The vocals on this track have the passion, and the pitch, of the late Kurt Cobain. The Los Angeles club hit “No Pain” is an infectious groove that deals with gross desensitization. One of my favorite pieces on the CD is called “Man In A Box.” It is a slow and haunting song about the homeless, but if you think this is a Phil Collins cover tune, you’re dead wrong. In the middle of the track, lead singer/guitarist Vinnie Rakit fervidly blares the following to the indigents of the world: “Fuck you, take your god damn signs and shove ’em up your ass, you fucking piece of shit!” I guess it’s just another day in paradise for Vinnie and the boys.

Another scintillating song on the disk is “Hate,” which recalls a beautiful relationship that has gone south, way south. To his lover-come-hater, Rakit announces, “I hate you, my love.” Yet another one of my favorites is the tune “Stab,” which is about scandalous detractors and back-stabbers. Amongst the reverberating drums and percussions is the raw emotion and disgust embedded in Rakit’s seething sound.

What I like most about the band is that they are obviously not afraid to tackle important and pertinent hot button issues. The tune “Rage Power” is an example. With lyrics like, “Rage power…White power… Black power,” it is sure to raise a few eyebrows when it is released this September on the soundtrack to Artisan Entertainment’s film Soul Survivor. I recently met up with the band at the House of Blues Sunset, where I got to experience Rakit’s undeniable stage show. Bassist Wolfe explained to me, as he does to several people, that “Rage Power” is actually about reverse racism.

Rakit’s talent has not gone without accolades. They were recently named “Best Industrial Rock Band” at the L.A. Music Awards and The Rock City Music Awards. With such a fulminating sound and stage presence, it is only a matter of time before moms all across the nation are yelling, “Turn down that Rakit!”

Rakit . . . . .323.769.5140 . . . .RAKIT is based in Los Angeles and has been named “LA’s Best Modern Industrial Rock Band” for two years in a row by both the LA Music Awards and the RCN Music Awards. RAKIT is on several compilations in stores and has been reviewed as “having the angst and sorrow of Nirvana” by unearthed.com and hailed “Kings of the LA Industrial scene” by NOHO News. Meanstreet magazine gave RAKIT its “highest recommendation.” The music is super-modern and futuristic. One of RAKIT’s songs, Rage Power, is in Artisan Entertainment’s feature film “Soul Survivors.” RAKIT is on the sound track and can also be heard on the DVD animated menu to be released for rental or purchase in Feb 2002. RAKIT’s music has also been licensed by MTV for its show “Undressed.” Recently RAKIT performed their club hit “No Pain” in a Gothic/Industrial club scene filmed in the infamous”Nightmare On Elm St” boiler room for a Playboy feature fantasy film to be aired heavily on The Playboy channel in Europe, especially Germany, for the next three years, exposing RAKIT to millions of potential new fans. On the web www.rakit.net is over half a million hits since Jan 2001. For promo contact Vinny Rakit www.rakit.net

Cool stuff from an innocent bi-standerAugust 29 2001 at 10:44 PM Colin Nero
from IP address
well, Vanessa told me to check this out, and what an interesting soap-opera this is. let me write a brief outline.

An aging band, losing members, desperately trying to get signed, tries to bully a bunch of teenagers, that are simply expressing opinions on their own websites.
The aging band then throws in their “lawyer” (yet to be confrimed….probably manager), starts making physical threats, aswell as the old “i have friends who know where you live trick”.
The teenagers prod the irate, moronic and often badly dressed ,aging , self imposed ‘rock god’ (see Rock City news, any edition, or just ask someone at SHRINE clothing, about the amazing music that will undoubtedly bring the 80’s into the 00’s), and he responds with more ‘crackhead’ responses.

my Conclusion:
*the members of Rakit are very very aware that all their hard work in making music is rapidly getting them no-where. they will be gone within 12 months.
*the teenagers have experienced, first hand what is known as ‘old-man trying to be young and tough’ syndrome…this is often recognised by dressing in protective clothing and make-up.

And why would these people spend so much of their time fighting this “cause”

ps. I say the Troubadour show a few months ago….I know what I am talking about.

there are plenty of good new bands in LA, dont waste your time on these fools.
see Venus In Rage, Boda, Crushreality, KLeen or Negative Effect

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Colin the dick August 30 2001, 2:55 PM

Rakit has been named the best heavy industrial band by two separate awards shows. The Rock City awards are based upon readers votes and the LA Music awards are decided by a panel of industry professionals. So if you want to say the awards are bogus then they are bogus for EVERY OTHER BAND WHO WON. And of course lets not forget all the press singing Rakit’s praise. Unless you are saying every press person is a loser and fake and every other band they have endorsed really sucks and paid them. And of course the fact that Rakit’s song is featured in the big dance club scene in Artisan’s feature film Soul Survivors is what? Does Rakit own Artisan or something? And Rakit’s song “No Pain” being played all over the country in gothic/industrial/dance clubs is what? So I guess you just can’t judge success. As for old aging bands, I guess you consider people in their twenties and a 19 year old too old. What are you, 13 or something? Rakit isn’t losing members either. The last drummer and bassist were fired. One for playing poorly and being unable to be available and one for a drug problem. So what ever to you. Please go see the other bands you love and don’t bother with us. We only want cool people at our shows anyway. A dick like you is never welcomed.

Colin Nero
response August 31 2001, 11:38 AM

The fact of the natter is, that “age” is one of the big reasons that Rakit isnt getting signed. Which is odd becasue, they are being played in clubs all over the world, and most people in Industrial/goth clubs are aging. Yet they still cant get signed.

Vinny (Rakit) writes for Rock City News. the way that mag works is…you write for them, and they pay you in reviews and free ads. everyone knows that. Pick up a copy and read the ad for writers.

La Music Awards are like all awards, whether music or film. they are straight out industry. So I guess what you think about that, depends on what you think of “the industry”, and if you knwo how it all works.

Rakit’s music is not for everyone. No-ones music is for eveyone. Thats the beauty of humanity. Where it all fails is where people try and be waht they arent, and get picky and defensive about other people expressing their opinion.

Rakit will never be a Top 10 hit. I dont think they want to. They know that isnt their place in the music industry. Their place is teh dance clubs, and touring to those people that enjoy their music. Their wont be millions of them, but so what. You can still make a living. and its all about making the music you want.

As Mike Patton said ” i eat poo”

Colin you’re a fucking idiot September 1 2001, 2:27 PM

First off, shit head, try proof reading. Perfection isn’t expected but you look like a fucking idiot with all your typos. Second, as the one who pays for and places the ads for Rakit, and sends out the packets and invitations to shows to press, I can tell you you’re full of shit. Rakit doesn’t get ads in Rock City or reviews because of anything Vinny does with or for any paper – which is NOTHING. He is not involved with Rock City, or Mean Street, or Gothic Beauty, or LA Weekly, or any other publication giving the band great reviews and carrying my ads. The majority of your post doesn’t even make sense. And you don’t know shit about what Rakit wants or anything about Rakit’s relationship with the “industry” or any labels so just shut the fuck up. Your opinions are wrong and you don’t have any knowledge upon which to base them. Crawl back under the dark, negative, loser rock from which you came. You sound like some old wanna-be passed-up musician who couldn’t get anywhere yourself or maybe you just can’t stand seeing someone else’s success cause you are a loser. Since the “owner” of this board has asked you to shut up about Rakit and stop talking trash you should take heed and do so or you’re just causing trouble for other people. If you have anything to say to me or the Rakit members then e-mail me directly and get off this board. It isn’t yours nor is it your place to post here about Rakit. My e-mail is anggates@pacbell.net. Use it or shut the fuck up.