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K-Pop Crossover: Nylon Pink Announces Rayko Dig As New Lead Singer [VIDEO] [EXCLUSIVE]
By Tony Sokol | May 08, 2014 05:35 PM EDT

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Rayko Dig
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(Photo : Rayko Dig)
K-Pop Crossover: Kaila Yu today named Rayko as Nylon Pink’s new lead singer. Rayko is the rhythm guitarist and songwriter for the bands Lolita Dark and Dig Jelly. In making the announcement, Kaila Yu also declared “I am now the manager of Nylon Pink!”
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Speaking exclusivly to Kpopstarz, Rayko said “I am Rayko, the official luckiest punk in the middle of the gorgeous/ talented female rockers of Nylon Pink!”

Nylon Pink are no strangers to Kpop, they’ve transformed songs by 2NE1, Girls’ Generation and Hyuna into punk pop magic. Rayko brings her own love of Kpop to the band. She told us “I’m from Shibuya (one of the craziest parts of Tokyo Japan), and my bestie is Korean. I was always familiar with Kpop but by recording and performing with Nylon Pink I started really liking Kpop.”
When we asked what were her favorites, Rayko said “I like `Electric Shock’ by F(x), “Overdose” by Exo, “I’m the best” by 2NE1.”

The new Nylon Pink lineup will premiere live at Kawaiiland, the cutest Fashion Event in the world, this Saturday, May 10th, at 8 p.m.
And “Yes, we are doing a Kpop cover this Saturday,” the new singer promises.

Besides playing in Nylon Pink, Rayko says she is “still very active with Lolita Dark and Dig Jelly. Lolita Dark have been touring a lot as well.”

Nylon Pink are the self-proclaimed “only all-Asian American female band in the United States.” They have been described as “Hello Kitty on Acid.” Nylon Pink is made up bassist Kit E. Katt, Kiki Wongo on lead guitar, Genn Ung on rhythm guitar and Jamie Scoles on drums. Nylon Pink formed by Kaila Yu and Katt Lee in Hollywood in 2008.
They were nominated for “Pop Artist of the Year” at the LA Music Awards and LA Weekly called the city’s “sexiest, glitziest” band.
Nylon Pink broke out with their first single “Hello Drama” and they’ve covered Super Junior, 2NE1, Girl’s Generation, HyunA, Big Bang and Boa.