Raymond DiGiorgio

Live Performance

Nominated for Guitarist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Inception: San Diego, 1999

Influences: Joe Satriani, George Lynch, Steve Vai, Gary Hoey, Van Halen, Tony MacAlpine


This organic breed of instrumental guitar music features the original material and left-handed guitar styling of Raymond DiGiorgio. Rooted in a hybrid of rock and groove, Raymond’s material spans the genre rainbow, offering a diverse range of music for all walks of life. By far one of today’s hottest rising unsigned acts, his band RDG is an explosive live performance group, poised and ready to shape the face and sound of today’s global music scene. The instrumental nature of Raymond’s music is universal, providing a sound void of boundaries.

It all began in his hometown of Chicago, when he picked up the guitar the wrong way. Upside-down and backwards, he played for almost 4 years before he was clued in to turn the strings around. Over 25 years later, he now calls Sand Diego home.

Having played in cover bands since he was 15, he can honestly say that he’s played just about every format out there. As a means of experimenting and advancing his playing ability, he stumbled into composing instrumental material. As technology progressed, so did his playing. With his home computer, some great software, and a corner slot in his living room, the early development of his studio began to take shape. With the exception of various live tracks, the estimated 100-plus songs he has recorded to date were produced and performed entirely by him in his home studio.

With a full live band in place, RDG has been heating the Southern California music scene since late 1999. Some highlights have included opening for the nationally touring Van Halen tribute group Atomic Punks, Gary Hoey, George Lynch, former Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, and Blue Öyster Cult.