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Nominated for POP Single of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “The Fine Line”

Presenter of the Lisa Cole Hollywood FAME Award – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Rebecca Rudolf loves to sing. One time when she was four years old, Rebecca found her way to a live microphone lying onstage at a party. Rebecca took hold of that microphone and started to sing. She sang for over an hour. She sang songs she knew and she sang songs she made up. It didn’t matter to Rebecca what she sang. She just wanted to sing. So sing (and dance) she did; anytime, anywhere! It’s no surprise that Rebecca Rudolf has finally found herself writing and recording music as a career.

“My dream as a young girl was to entertain people through what I loved most – singing and dancing. When I perform, I love to make people feel good inside. It’s such a rush to look out at the audience and see people smile and really get into what I’m doing. I so enjoy hearing stories from people who have come away from my shows saying they were deeply touched in some wonderful way. My ultimate dream was always to touch the hearts, souls, and lives of as many people as possible.. all over the world.”

Preparation for fulfilling her dream came from years of training and performing in ballet and musical theatre companies. Rebecca paid her dues of honing her performance skills, all the while quietly nurturing her love for music. By the time Rebecca became a teenager, she could no longer deny the melodies and lyrics dancing around in her head, and she added songwriter to her list of credits. Driven by the ideal that her music should soothe the soul as well as entertain, and realizing that there aren’t many mainstream pop artists seeking to accomplish this, Rebecca found her niche. Out of her uncanny ability to look deeply into the hearts of others, came the song “Something More.” It reveals Rebecca’s strong belief that we each have a divine plan for our life. Realizing this thought can be the antidote to life’s hurts.

“I wanted to reach out with the option to encourage and to help others escape the black hole we sometimes face in life.”

Next, came songs with titles like “Know That There Is Hope,” “Unconditional Love,” and “My Hero,” all with lyrics that stir up the message of God’s love. And, of course, there is “Drama King,” a song that came out of Rebecca’s own personal story of hurtful encounters, from which she learned to move on unscathed.

Fast forward to the present. Rebecca is now an accomplished singer/songwriter, dancer/choreographer with a growing worldwide enthusiasm for her music. Rebecca’s song “The Fine Line” was a 2009 nominee for Pop Single of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards. Rebecca had the honor of having her music included by indie labels on compilation CDs that were distributed to all U.S. troops. Press includes a feature story on CBS3 News, a magazine cover on M1 Music magazine (Brazil), and articles in places such as MSNBC Online, Philadelphia area newspapers, Skope Magazine (artist to watch), and Feeling the Vibe.

Described as sweet, soulful, and a little bit sassy, Rebecca is determined to have her personality reflected in her shows, which combines Rebecca’s love of powerful music with the excitement of dance and theatrics. One thing you can always count on, though, is that Rebecca’s music will always inspire, with melodies you can’t get out of your head and lyrics that pierce the heart.