Red and the Red Hots

Highlight Reel

Nominated for swing artist of the year 8th Annual LA Music Awards

The 10-piece swing band Red & The Red Hots formed in Texas in 1985. The group’s lead singer/songwriter/producer/pianist Red Young moved the Red Hots’ headquarters to L.A. three years later, where the band settled into its more-or-less permanent lineup: vocalists Rebecca Downs, Cassie Miller and Jennifer Griffin, saxophonist Keith Fiddmont, trumpet player Brian Swartz, drummer Randy Landas and a revolving cast of horn players, including Greg Smith, Lee Thornburg, Scott Englebright and Matt Zebley. Red & The Red Hots play regular dates in the West and Southwest, and released two albums, 1998’s Boogie Man and the following year’s Gettin’ Around, both released on Young’s own Red Young label.