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2012 Nominee – Hard Rock Band of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

Since its foundation in 2004 heavy/thrash metal band RELICSEED has gained an authority in their native Latvian metal scene and risen from underground band to an upcoming international act. Extraordinary riffing and harmonies mixed with energetically fulfilled live performance creates RELICSEED`s signature since it was introduced to the audience as a four piece metal union.

During the first 3 years the band experienced lots of member changes as well as groping for the sound and style of music it actually wanted to play. Demos didn`t inspire anyone including the band; the first song ever written in the studio “Again” has never been played live any more since 2005. The band had some impressive covers and a couple of their own songs though and RELICSEED kept playing around local pubs and festivals.

In 2007 the song “Slavery” (the actual Latvian name is “Pēdējais Vergs”) was released and even got played on a local rock radio station. By “Slavery” RELICSEED finally defined their style of playing combining rhythmically tight guitars with slightly heavy but still melodic vocals. But just after their first true metal exposure the band members decided to split apart and in 2008 RELICSEED officially quit playing.Besides all projects that each band member took part in during almost two years of RELICSEED silence at least two of them (the drummer Andrejs and the rhythm guitar player, vocalist Edgars) never lost the feel and vision of what could happen if they started to play together again. A few jam sessions ended up with a couple songs recorded in a friend Karlis`s home studio; a couple songs turned into an album. Karlis became the second guitar player, the new bass player Janis was found and RELICSEED`s first album was ready for the release. The band`s journey around the world started after their first album “60 minutes of a dream” release on December 3, 2010 when a booking agent from- DIRTY EARTH RECORDS offered the collaboration: while touring around Latvian cities musicians received an opportunity to sign an international booking deal. That was enough to kick four Latvians` guts and after a few concerts in UK and Germany at the end of the year 2011 RELICSEED took a mini tour around California, USA.

Having played in legendary KEY CLUB on Sunset Blvd the band headlined METALLIBASH: 3 DECADES OF DAMAGE – an event dedicated to METALLICA`s 30th anniversary held in San Francisco located bar KIMO`S. This became a turning point in the band`s route – after next touring in Europe RELICSEED scheduled time in Burbank (LA, CA) based TRANZFORMER STUDIOS to record their second album. It was done together with an engineer Bryan Carlstrom who also worked as a co-producer of the record. Currently RELICSEED is preparing for the album release and is setting up a presentation tour.


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