Presenter at 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Indy Hard Rock Artist of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

2006 LA Music Award Recipients for Independant Hard Rock Artist of the Year as well as Independant Hard Rock Male Vocalist of the Year. This fourpeice hailing from San Diego, CA brings a level of intensity that is unmatched in the Independant arena.  Fans debate their classification, but most agree that REV rides the line between hard rock and metal.  Having recorded their debut EP “For Sale” with veteran producer Steve Russel (P.O.D., As I Lay Dying, Finch) this band shows that there is hope for the future of heavy music.

Winner Independant Hard Rock Artist of the Year as well as Independant Hard Rock Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2006 LA Music Awards. With a mixture of southern rock, metal and psychedelic REV has created their own sound while maintaining melody that captures audiences of all genres of music.

Formed in 2003, REV has been conquering the independent Hard Rock scene in Southern California with much success. After performing in a showcase for LA Music Awards in late 2006, REV single handedly earned themselves a nomination for a Showcase Series LA Music Award. In a category filled with several other Independent bands, REV deservingly, walked away with the award for Independent Hard Rock Artist of the Year. Vocalist/Guitarist for REV, Justin Warrick, also walked away with the award for Independent Hard Rock Male Vocalist of the year, an accomplishment his band mates, Steve Aguirre (Guitar/Vocals), Brian Barth (Drums/Vocals) and Shawn Ballard (bassist) were excited to share with him.

Although REV has had no label support, their first studio effort “For Sale”, ( which was recorded with veteran producer/engineer Steve Russell -P.O.D, As I Lay Dying, and Finch- in 2005), has become a fan favorite and continues to grace the airwaves, in regular rotation, on several major-market radio stations in Southern California. The success of their first released EP was welcomed, with much affection, but it’s REV’s live shows that really show where their heart is. Their passion for the stage and their hard work ethic, have driven them to financially support their own relentless touring schedule. Taking the stage and wowing the crowd in numerous cities from Oakland, CA all the way through to Austin, TX has proven to be nothing short of beneficial and satisfying. Having shared the stage with such acts as Clutch, High on Fire, Bleed the Sky, Opiate for the Masses, Gilby Clarke, The Sword, and 2 Cents, to name a few, REV’s live show is a powerful experience that keeps fans multiplying, and coming back for more!

Even though each member of REV individually brings their own recipe for solid song writing to the table, it’s the four of them as a whole which puts the icing on the proverbial cake. Stemming from their own roots, Arkansas raised Warrick, Illinois bred Barth, and Southern California natives Aguirre, and Ballard join together their extensive musical influences and backgrounds to form their own style of Hard Rocking Guitar riffs and melodic harmonies, accompanied by explosive drums and intense bass lines, not to be over shadowed by expressive lyrics derived from the core of the band.

With upcoming shows throughout California and another self promoted/financed tour this summer, REV is currently wrapping up material for a new album due out in mid 2007.