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1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Risk was a German thrash metal band from Witten . The group published from 1988 to 1993 a total of five albums and a MCD.

Risk arose from the progressive rock band Faithful Breath . The line-up at Heinz Mikus (vocals), Thilo Hermann (guitar), Peter Dell (bass) and Jürgen Düsterloh (drums) renamed itself and adapted to the mid-1980s popular thrash metal style.  Thilo Hermann, which also still at Holy Moses was active, played with the group a demo one. The band got a record deal with the label SPV . The debut album The Daily Horror News … (… from the lost side of the world) was published in 1988 with Roman Keymer (ex- Angel Dust ) as a guitarist. Singer Heinz Mikus played a second guitar. The reputation of the group who wore cover this and the following albums with that of Sebastian Krüger in comic drawn style.

1988 touring group with Sabbath and Rage on tour in Germany and in 1989 the opening act for Manowar through Europe. Meanwhile Thilo Herrmann had returned to the group. 1989 also appeared the album Hell’s Animal , which sells about 15,000 times, and the EP Ratman .  Dirty Surfaces 1990 evolved with 25,000 copies sold, the biggest success of the group. Risk occurs in Prague along with Running Wild in front of about 25,000 fans.  After Thilo Hermann had left the band to pursue their own projects, Christian Sumser completed the line-up.

After that, the group loses its status slowly. The album Reborn (1992) represented a shift away from Fun image of the band. The group had always understood differently, as the cover of Kruger have transported this. Reborn had a rather serious Cover by Andreas Marschall . Musically the group is breaking new ground. The concept album about the ancient Indian deity Ravana with Sitar underlaid -Klängen and was based more on power metal .  The subsequent tour withRaven indeed been successful, but not in the expected range for. Peter Dell split from the band in advance of production to ‘Tupitude’, but remained the band for graphics work at the production ‘Turpitude’.

As a result of hearing loss and the resulting tinnitus, Roman Keymer has left the band after the production of ‘Turpitude’.

The remaining trio Sumser / Mikus / Düsterloh let the option expire in the label SPV to produce another album, and finally broke up.


1988 The Daily Horror News
1989: Ratman (EP)
1989: Hell’s Animals
1990: Dirty Surfaces
1992: The Reborn
1993 Turpitude