Rob King

2004 Unanimous Choice Award Recipient – Recording EngineerĀ of the Year – 14th annual LA Music Awards

Award-winning Sound Designer, Music Composer, Songwriter and Dialogue Director, Rob King has composed and produced music, dialogue and sound for popular Video and PC games and Film for more than 20 years. His recent sound, directing and/or music credits include the hit games Call of Duty: Strike Force iOS, Prototype 2, The Fable Series, Battlefield: Vietnam, Heroes of Might & Magic 1-6,The Secret World, RIFT, James Bond: Quantum of Solace, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, Reservoir Dogs, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Call of Duty 3 (PSP) Driver: Parallel Lines, Scarface: The World is Yours, Jade Empire, Area 51, Advent Rising and many more.

During his expansive career, King has held the reigns as Music Composer, Voice Director, Sound Designer, Mixer and/or Audio Director on more than 135 Video Games including the Heroes of Might and Magic Series 1994-2006 and Sony’s Everquest Series 2002-2005. A Grand-Prize winner of the 2004 Yamaha International Music Production Contest and winner of the 2004 Los Angeles Music Awards for “Best Engineer” and “Modern Rock Album of the Year” for his work on the CD Addictions & Scars by his band Red Delicious.

As a Sound Designer, Rob has worked on various Film projects over the past 2 decades including season one of the Emmy winning TV Show The Legend of Korra.

Rob King is also a member of the Alt/Pop band The Hampton Beats and has produced several successful dance re-mixes over the years, including People Underground’s “Music Is Pumpin'” and DJ Dado’s “Give Me Love”. Both of these singles went to the Top 10 on the Billboard Dance Charts. He has also produced and re-mixed tracks for Donna Summer, David Gordon, Devone’, International Hooligans (Tony B! & DJ Orlando) and Walt Disney Records; in addition, they had a Top 10 hit in Taiwan on EMI Records with Gigi Leung’s “Short Hair”. Rob King has been engineering and producing for the past few years, working with several different bands including Elektra’s Moonpools & Caterpillars and contributed keyboards and engineered the strings on Chris Vrenna’s remix of “Stupid Girl” by the band Cold on Interscope. Rob was a founding member the band Red Delicious signed to Extasy Records/Warner in 2001. Red Delicious has contributed original songs for many hit TV shows including Dawsons Creek, The $treet, Felicity, Beautiful People (ABC) and Fashion Television. Along with TV they have also had music in these following films: Obsessed (with Jenna Elfman), Mafia Doctor (NBC), Nice Guys (Lion’s Gate) and Finder’s Fee (Directed by Jeff Probst). Rob & long time collaborator Paul Romero also scored the 78th Annual Academy Awards Oscar Pre-Show montage of “Evil Faces of Cinema” which featured images from film clips of legendary evil villains of cinema including Darth Vader, Hannibel, Freddy Kruger, The Exorcist, The Mummy, Bela Lugosi, & many other famous characters of film.