Rocket Air

Featured at 8th annual LA Music Awards

**Recent News**

We just finished filming a video for “Float”, one of the songs from our most recent recording session. Editing has begun and we anticipate the final product by the end of August. So far we are really happy with the raw footage…


The Line-Up

Greg – Vocals, Guitar Keith – Guitar, Vocals Jeff – Bass Hoke – Drums

Recent Credits

Songs featured on TV (Fall season of 1999)

· 2 songs on Fox’s “Time of Your Life” · NBC’s Movie of the Week “Y2K the Movie” · Fox’s Pilot episode of “Get Real”

Notable Bands we’ve shared the bill with:

· Bad Brains · Third Eye Blind · Lit · Blink 182 · Goldfinger

Bio (Short Version):

A touching story begins with four music playing, skateboarding, and punk rocking kids exposed to all kinds of musical influences. Hilarity ensues. The story ends with a band rocking a song driven and aggressive but smooth, radio friendly sound. Synopsis: Heavy guitars, tons of harmonies, a super tight rhythm section and a live show that leaves bands afraid to follow them. or leave their girlfriends alone with them.

Bio (ADD Version):

They sound like the Monkees on speed! -Keith Morris, singer of the Circle Jerks.

Bio (Documentary Version)

You probably should have heard about Rocket Air a long time ago, but somehow things didn’t work out that way. Greg was a kid in Salt Lake City, wearing the only mohawk in town, publishing his ‘zine (sound like a movie?) when his parents decided to move to Southern California. There he met Jeff, who played in some great (memorable?) bands like Axe Wound, SOB, Double Talk, Dysentery and Pizza Cheek. While the hordes clamored for the reunion tour of Axe Wound, Jeff settled down and joined Greg in Enough Said. It has been alleged but never proven that their sharing the bill with No Doubt, Sublime, and The Offspring caused these bands to be discovered years later than they should have been. Meanwhile in New York, Keith was playing with what became Weston and Digger, playing shows with Token Entry, The Crumbsuckers, and even having Green Day open up for them. They skateboarded, played the most historic punk venues of all time, CBGB’s and Gilman Street, collectively saw and collected records from pretty much every East Coast and West Coast band they could, but what ended up connecting them was a couple of girls. On different sides of the country, Greg and Keith were dating cousins, but never met. They went to the same collegeand never met. Of course, along the way these guys grew up a bit and began discovering bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Teenage Fanclub, Weezer, Bob Mould, The Posies, and The Lemonheads to name fewMove forward a couple years, and Greg and Keith were both fronting their own Power trios, when the inevitable happened. Now pay close attention, Keith’s current girlfriend’s friend invited them to a party, which she hosted with her roommate, who was Greg’s roommate’s girlfriend! Once they started talking, it all kind of came together. A call to Jeff (” ‘Ello Mate, we’re getting the band back together!”) and Rocket Air was formed. After executing a carefully scripted plan to break up a certain band, they were able to add in some Santa Barbara flavor with drummer Hoke. Suddenly available, he (for some reason) chose to join Rocket Air over offers from Buck-o-Nine, Mad Caddies, and Bloodhound Gang, after touring the country in Bona-Fide and Nutmeg. Hoke’s value is evident on Rocket Air’s new material, where he and Jeff teamed to create textured and expressive rhythms that have added complexity to RA’s powerful pop sound. Soon after Hoke joined the band a shocking discovery was made: unbeknownst to any of them, they had all been to the same show at the Paladium years earlier. (Twilight zone music outro here) Well, Jeff was probably just saying that he was there so he could be cool too