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Originally the experimental side project of songwriter C. Shane Sweet, Sandbox was a self administered challenge to determine if he could play all the instruments on a record. The results have been three albums, 10 national tours, and a second UK tour in 2014. The creative nucleus has grown with long time drummer/songwriting partner Daniel Rodriguez contributing on the latest album as well as pianist Chris Thornberry. Now the primary focus of Sweet & Rodriguez, each album obliterates rules of niche and genre, drawing on an eclectic array of instruments en route to creating a style and sound uniquely all their own that at times can go from singer/songwriter, to dance pop, to rock, even jumping era’s to the 60’s or 90’s, all within the same song while drawing on influences such as Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Father John Misty, The Beatles, Garth Brooks, Bad Religion, etc. violins/percussion.

“Songs for Friends, Family and the Times,” the first full length release (then under the moniker Sandbox Rebel, which had to be changed due to legal reasons in 2011) led to a West Coast tour as well as performances in the UK for BBC Radio 1, The Glasgow Green Festival and The Fringe. In the same year “Sandbox Presents” was born. “Sandbox Presents” shows are art installations which the band books itself and consists of different environments and worlds to stage the show in. A Night In the Woods was the 2010 installation and saw a Los Angeles warehouse turned into a forest complete with butterflies, fireflies, owls, snow, aerialists and more. The 2012 installation entitled The Speakeasy, was set in Prohibition Era Griffith Park and coincided with the release of the second full length record from Sandbox called “Me & Him and Horse,” produced by Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups/Mickey Avalon.)

2012 saw 4 US tours for Sandbox and 2013 promises to be busy again as they already have 4 tours booked for 2012 in addition to their 3rd full length album due out Sept. 2013. 2013 also features 4 showcases at SXSW and another CMJ showcase (they played both in 2012 along with Worldfest, the Indie Music festival of Las Vegas, the Brooklyn Film Festival, and the LA Indie Film and Music Summit).