Sarah “Fancy” Lanier

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2013 Honorable Mention – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Please help me with my next major studio album!! I have been blessed over the years with the many opportunities that have been given to me, while reaching goals and living dreams through my music career. However with each opportunity and creative idea, comes the need for funding to help with costs. I just recently released my newest project, “South Side” a love letter to my beloved city of south Minneapolis. As I prepare to travel and perform, I don’t want to attend another live show without having CDs for purchase that my fans and supporters can buy. But….With your help, I can!!

The money raised will go towards designing and printing CD jackets, and other costs related to the creation and production of the CDs.

Your help is immensely appreciated. And please know that absolutely every donation counts, no matter the amount! Thank you so much in advance!! <3

(If you’d like to hear me sing, check out these videos!!) You can find out more about me via the information below.
Instagram: @ImMissFancy
Twitter: @ImMissFancy