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Scarlett Noel Pomers (born November 28, 1988) is an American actress and singer-songwriter who works in television, film, theatre, and music. Her most recognizable roles have been as Naomi Wildman on Star Trek: Voyager (1998–2001) and Kyra Hart on the television series Reba (2001–2007). Her debut EP, entitled Insane, was released January 7, 2010.
Scarlett Pomers was born in Riverside, California, and grew up in Las Vegas. A fan of hard rock, she began singing and guitar lessons as a child. When she was three years old, an agent at a local shopping mall suggested to her mother Michelle that Scarlett get into the acting business. Scarlett began doing small jobs until they found an agent they both liked. Since then, she has guest starred on many television shows and has appeared in several feature films.

Pomers made her acting debut at the age of three in Michael Jackson’s music video, “Heal the World” (1992). She then began doing commercials and has filmed over three dozen to date. She has also starred in a number of television shows, including Judging Amy, That’s Life, and Touched by an Angel.

Pomers was five years old when she made her debut on the silver screen in The Baby-Sitters Club. She also appeared in Slappy and the Stinkers, Happy, Texas, Erin Brockovich, and TV-movies Geppetto. She also appeared on the Disney Channel film, A Ring of Endless Light.

Pomers’ first major role was as Naomi Wildman on the UPN sci-fi program Star Trek: Voyager. She appeared in 17 episodes over three years and won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series: Supporting Young Actress. She then joined the cast of the WB series Reba, playing Kyra Hart, the younger daughter of Reba and Brock Hart (Reba McEntire and Christopher Rich). Pomers stayed with the show until it ended in 2007.

Pomers has also appeared as a judge for ION Television’s series America’s Most Talented Kids.

In 2014 Pomers stated she had effectively retired from acting save for some voiceover work to focus on music and photography.

As a singer, Pomers founded the band SCARLETT, sometimes known as the “Scarlett Pomers Band,” which has played at venues including the Knitting Factory, House of Blues, Club One-Seven, The Roxy, and the Whisky a Go Go.

The 2009 Amy Smart movie, Love N’ Dancing, features Pomers’ song “Valentine,” which she wrote as a poem at age 12 and then turned it into a song years later. She had also performed the song during an episode of America’s Most Talented Kids.

Pomers’ debut EP, Insane, was released on January 7, 2010, through her official website,, and iTunes. The album consists of five tracks.

Pomers has covered an AC/DC classic, It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll) in a tribute album to the band titled Rock & Roll Train: A Millennium Tribute To AC/DC and released December 10, 2010, on iTunes.

Personal life
In late 2005, Pomers checked into an anorexia nervosa treatment facility. The 5′ 2″ actress’ weight had dropped to 73 pounds and she was exercising as much as six hours per day. Scarlett’s character, Kyra, was absent from most of the fifth season of Reba, having only appeared in two episodes out of twenty-two. She was out of the facility by January 2006. Following her release from treatment, Pomers became an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, and began an organization called Arch-Angels,[3] which raises money for people who suffer from eating disorders but cannot afford treatment. Her efforts led Teen People magazine to name her one of the 20 teens who will change the world. Scarlett returned to the set of Reba and appeared in episodes for season six until the show ended in 2007. Pomers, who is a vegetarian, began practicing Kundalini yoga in June 2006 after reading a book about Golden Bridge studio director Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, and earned her teaching certificate in the practice. “Yoga always made me feel really good about myself. It was the final step of letting go of the demon.”

Her eating disorder was referenced in the first episode of season six. Upon entering the set to a thunderous round of applause in Season 6, episode 1, (after being absent for most of season 5) Reba asked her character Kyra “Where have you been?”, to which Kyra replied “I went to get something to eat.” Later in the same episode, she was in the living room heading towards the kitchen when Van (Steve Howey) asked, “Where are you going?” She responded, “I’m getting something to eat.”