Scott Berry

Nominee for Independent Male Vocalist of the Year at the 14th annual LA Music Awards

12 : 23 :: 2006
A few weeks ago I handed over 7 of my songs to Sam Derby, a Sound Engineer in the South Bay. He’s currently mixing together all the tracks I’ve recorded. I’ve heard a little of what he’s been doing and, so far, everything sounds really great. I can not WAIT to hear what he comes up with. In the meantime, I’ve been working on the final 5 tracks, and have completed 3 of them. Once the mixing is completed, it’s on to the mastering, and then the design of the album, production and…viola! Looks like I may be able to get this album out by summertime!

9 : 15 :: 2006
Better late (understatement) than never (getting closer)!!! Here’s a VERY rough mix of “Volition” that I slapped together last night. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be mixing the song myself for the final cut;this is just something I wanted to put up so I could prove that I’ve been recording all this time! Check it out HERE, and feel free to email me to let me know what you think.

8 : 22 :: 2006
Believe it or not, I’m still here! I’ve been working on my album ever since last September, and although it’s been taking a whole lot longer than I ever thought it would I’m really not too far from being done. Maybe within the next few days I’ll have a little teaser for you to listen to…something I’ll do a rough mixdown of myself. Something new to show that I really have been working on recording this whole time. Once I’m done recording everything I’m going to have it all mixed and mastered by someone who knows what they’re doing, but check back in a few days and I’ll make sure to have something raw-ish to keep you interesed!

10 : 18 :: 2005
So for a few months now I’ve been practicing with Drummer Shekhar Khedekhar and Bassist Paul Demorest, and exactly one month ago we spent a day at Cordhead Recordings with Sound Engineer Chris Douglas, a.k.a. “Rama.” Thus commenced the recording of my first album; we went to Cordhead to record drums and bass, and now the guitars, vocals, keyboards and other instruments are being added to the tracks. Check out the pictures from our day at Cordhead here!

8 : 14 :: 2005
Listen to Back to Me, the newest addition to Scott’s repetoire!

7 : 26 :: 2005
Next show:
Monday, August 8th
Canvas Gallery & Lounge
1200 9th Avenue – San Francisco
9pm – all ages – no cover

6 : 22 :: 2005
Next show:
Friday, July 15th
Dimple Records
2433 Arden Way – Sacramento
5pm (my set begins at 7:00)- all ages – no cover

6 : 9 :: 2005
Next show:
Saturday, June 11th
Luna’s Cafe and Juice Bar
1414 16th Street – Sacramento
9pm – all ages – $6 cover

5 : 15: 2005
Wow, two entries in ONE WEEK!?!?!? Weird, I know…but I have some good news and had to tell everyone about it. On Tuesday, May 24th, I’ll be going into the Studio with Sound Engineer Jeremy Stead of Blue Tone Audio Productions to re-record For the Better. We’ve already got the drums from the session I did with Larry Salzman and Devin Devore and will be re-recording the vocal and bass tracks, as well as some of the guitar tracks. After completing the recording, Jeremy will be mixing the song for me, so it should be a radio-quality recording, so I can’t wait to get it done and FINALLY have a professional-quality recording of one of my songs!

5 : 10 :: 2005
Show added! Saturday, June 11 @ Luna’s Cafe and Juice Bar in Sacramento. More info to come…

4 : 4 :: 2005
QUICK! Listen to the new version of Fine Alone!
How long has it been since I’ve come up with anything new to tell people about? Can’t think of a “Soooooooo long, that….” punch line, but it’s been a while! Well, the good news is that I haven’t actually been neglecting music, but working on it more than ever, and THAT’S why I haven’t updated the site in a while…a couple months ago I hired drummer Larry Salzman and producer Devin Devore (of Trinity Sound Company) to record drum tracks for a few of my songs, and I’ve FINALLY mixed them in for Fine Alone. Check out the difference by listening to the new version of the song…click HERE!

1 : 6 :: 2005
Go to to make a donation to a legitimate organization to help provide relief to the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Do it NOW!!!

12 : 29 :: 2004
Today I met with drummer Larry Salzman to go over a few different songs to which he’ll be adding drums and other percussion. He and Devin Devore from Trinity Sound Company down in L.A. are getting together on Monday to do the recording. We’re hoping to get drum tracks laid down for four different songs, namely 1) Fine Alone; 2) For the Better; 3) The Plan; and 4) Tommy’s Song. Since I’m not actually going to be able to be present during the recording, Larry’s going to keep me up to date throughout. If all goes well (and I keep my day job $$$), you might be listening to a lot more complete songs before long…you must be so excited!!!

12 : 2 :: 2004
It always amazes me how fast bad news travels. A guy I met probably one time in high school was killed in a car accident on Monday night, and by Tuesday I had been bombarded with the news–both via email and via phone–from 5 different people, 3 of whom I haven’t heard from in 5 years or so (and whom I never really knew in the first place).
An old friend achieves a lifelong goal, a cousin has a baby…you’ll always eventually find out about these things. But the bad stuff always seems to travel at lightspeed. What is it about tragedy that makes people want to talk to each other? Is it that we need reminders of how important it is to live everyday like we’ll never live another? Is it just an inherent craving people have for gossip? I’m not trying to blame anyone, nor am I claiming that I don’t do the same thing to others as my friends, acquaintances and family did to me this time. I just wish we were all as anxious to spread the good news as we are the bad.
I guess this is a lot more of a rant than it is “news,” but it’s just something I needed to vent about. But then again, maybe I’m just being cynical.
Have a response or an answer for me?

11 : 19 :: 2004
Last night I flew down to L.A. for the Los Angeles Music Awards’ annual awards ceremony; and while I didn’t win the award for which I had been nominated (Best Male Vocalist), I came in a close 2nd!…or 3rd…not really sure, actually. All I know is that–out of 3–I was not #1. I had a great time at the ceremony, saw some great live performances and got to sit on the coveted “Nominee Couch,” so it was far from a total loss. Congratulations to Aaron Cuadra, the truly gifted musician who took the award home with him!

11 : 03 :: 2004
The 11/20 show at Luna’s has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. The show will be rescheduled for a later date. Don’t go on the 20th unless you want to see someone else (I realize, of course, that this is entirely possible)!

10 : 24 :: 2004
I finally have a real, honest-to-God, bona-fide, multi-page WEBSITE! ROCKSTARDOM is just around the corner! …right? …uhm, guys? I’ve been working so much on the site over the last few weeks that I haven’t been able to work on music at all. I think I’ve only picked up my guitar a total of about 4 times in the entire month of October. Now that we’re finally up and running I should be able to concentrate on the purpose behind all this…MUSIC! YESSSSSS!

06 : 29 :: 2004
After playing a show for the Los Angeles Music Awards Songwriter’s Showcase in Santa Monica, I was nominated for the organization’s 2004 BEST MALE VOCALIST AWARD! Results will be out on Thursday, 11/18/04, so cross your fingers! If you want to attend the awards ceremony (which includes lots of great, live music), or check out the L.A. Music Award’s other artists and nominations (a.k.a. my competition), go to the L.A. Music Awards site here.