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Seminole County is without any doubt one of the most promising Duos coming from the US. Seminole County combine rapping and singing from the figurehead women Jj with the unique voice of her collegue Byron J. The Mixture of rap and singing with catchy guitarhooks shows the variety of styles that comes along with this talented band. Jj’s background was not originally in entertainment, as a highly skilled athlete, she received numerous awards as a top performer (and the only female) on the Noles High School football team. She was that successful playing american Football at the offensive line in school that she was gravely thinking about a career as a Footballcoach, but life went different ways. It was actually the support of her fellow football players that led her to begin her music career, initially performing at local events just for the fun of it. It was that strength and self-confidence that made Jj stand out at a local event where Producer Byron J saw her perform. It was shortly after that the two began working together. That was the beginning of the musical collaboration that became the group Seminole County. Both got good friends over the years.
In the beginning of 2005 it was time for them to produce their first own album, and it didn’t take long that they had to face the choice what label to sign for. They decided for Davemac Recordings from New York, and straight away released their album; after just 11 days the first pressing was sold out in the US.
They called the attention of the management from Backstreet Boys and they got invited to support the Backstreet Boys on their forthcoming tour.
This tour with Backstreet Boys never gone Tour“ back in 2005 spread their reputation nationwide like a wildfire and lead to Top Events such as opening Gigs at the Orange Bowl in Miami 2005 BCS Championship Game on may 6th, 2006 they were playing for the returning troops together with John Legend and the closing night at the worlds most famous Rock club,the CBGBs in New York.
2006 it was time for them to tour in Europe. Their Europetour went for a whole month and lead them in clubs all over Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The tour turned out to become a very impressive and sucessfull tour. Just a few days after returning from their Tour through Europe they got invited by the official GRAMMY Foundation to perform at the Florida Chapter of the 2006 GRAMMY Showcase. It is an acknowledgement of their work, talent and quality to get chosen along with only five other groups from all bands around Florida to play infront of a music industry audience.
Their technical prefectionism on their album doesn’t rank behind their stage appearance and performance.Press Release:
The success of Seminole County seems to find no end. A 2005 support tour with Backstreet Boys, coupled with a successful video release, built a solid fan base and led them into an overwhelming 2006. Opening up for a host of household names like John Legend, touring Europe on a 5 week run acclaiming titles like Artist of the Month and CD of the Month, picked as on of top six finalists to perform for GRAMMY Awards Showcase in Florida and rounding it out with the Emerald Bowl appearance.

2007 opens with nothing less than a higher level of prowess for the duo as they get a nomination from the LA Music Awards, one of the most important Music Awards given to independent artists. The LA Music Awards Show will be held in Los Angeles on November 29th. The event is the largest and longest running Hollywood red carpet event for Independent Artists in the world!

Due to their busy travel schedules and constant appearances, they have recently decided to commit to the finishing of their new CD due to fan demand and via new representation. Prior to the album’s finish, however, they will release an EP featuring some of their new tracks, proving they were not a one hit wonder and are here to stay.

They show their approach to an open market of music styles with yet another collaboration, a remix by one of the most famous and highly respected House producers from Plastic City, Germany; Terry Lee Brown junior. This latest alignment only adds to the chain of alignments with legendary names like Ronnie Wood (The Stones), Kenny Jones (The Who) and Russian Pianist Oksana.