Seraphim Shock

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Having once been described as the “The Ultimate Halloween Band”, Seraphim Shock is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Charles Edward. In a world full of manufactured bands Seraphim stands proud with its middle finger raised. From the band’s early Goth roots to the Hard Rock’n Roll hybrid that it is today, Seraphim Shock continues to captivate people from all walks of life with its infectious hooks and dark overtones. The quality of S.S. works speaks for itself and one needs only to look at the myriad of positive reviews garnered over the years. Originally based out of Denver, CO, the project has relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Best known for its stage presence and Charles Edward’s vocal croonings, Seraphim Shock arrived on the national scene in November of ’97 with the release of the critically-acclaimed “Red Silk Vow”. The video single “After Dark” claimed top honors in three major film festivals, including the prestigious “Leigh Gipper” award at the Philadelphia International Film Festival. Ignoring trends and so-called “industry experts”, S.S. spent the next two years tearing up the underground, spending five months on the road crushing audiences nationwide with its over the top stage show. During this time the band also released the cult favorite “Nightmares for the Banished” (5/99) and the Succubus Club single “Prey” (2/2000).

S.S. spent 2000 and 2001 bringing its complete theatrical production (lights, risers, pyrotechnics, dancers) to a select few national events. It was the first time those outside of Denver had witnessed the S.S. mayhem full-scale. These events helped take the band to a new level and continued the development of a cult following on the road that is virtually unheard of for an unsigned act. All of this was done without advertising or distribution but by word of mouth and reputation. In fact, ticket sales in select markets made Seraphim Shock one of the most highly sought-after alternative acts in America. In the spring of 2002 recording on a new album was put on hold when S.S. was offered the middle slot on The Electric Hellfire Club’s “Down With The Devil” Tour. With an additional midwest/east coast tour later that summer, the fall of 2002 brought a pivotal point in the history of Seraphim. Faced with the pressure of releasing new product with a group of individuals that had grown complacent, driving force Charles Edward opted to take a 15 month hiatus to write, record and re-emerge with a new touring line-up.

2004 brought the highly anticipated “Halloween Sex N Vegas” disc. HSV’s raw, stripped down, “Sex, Guns & Rock N Roll” attitude brought with it rave reviews, a wave of new fans and select headlining slots all over America that put the band back at the forefront of the national underground. After the success of subsequent tours that followed the HSV release (Halloween Sex N Vegas ’04, White Trash Satan ’05, All American Sinner ’06) Charles chose to step away from Seraphim to pursue a number of opportunities outside the project. During the next 3 years he would enter the world of competitive Bodybuilding, Television, Theatre and Film. During this time he would record the full length disc “Ancient Delirium” as the vocalist for artist Carol Tatum (Angels of Venice) and renowned Producer Florian Ammon (Van Halen, U2, Elton John, Rammstein). In this time, the building of his own recording studio enabled him to further step into the role of songwriter/producer for other artists while penning the next Seraphim album.

After 3 years of silence the Shock has returned. May of 2010 brings the release of the long-awaited 4th album “Black Heart Revival”. A work that sees Charles Edward come full circle as an artist, capturing the depth and feel of previous Seraphim works while expanding upon the sonic landscape with superior production. A collection of songs from the gut that proves passionate songwriting is timeless and does not adhere to fads. Once again, Seraphim Shock stands poised to unleash its vision upon the music world and take its rightful place amongst the artists who will not fade but become stronger as years go by.

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