Sex with Lurch

Highlight Reel

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Every now and then Hollywood creates something that despite its glitter and glamour is also raw and real. Sex with Lurch was such a band. A wild array of dressed up characters that delivered some of the greatest twisted rock and roll of the new era. These misfit toys from outer space proved irresistible as they played upon elements not unlike Bowie and the Cramps.
Founded long ago in the black lagoon, Robbie “Tom Kat” Quine and Bernard Yin bonded over guitars and surfboards. In addition to these two, the strongest lineup was comprised of Roy Staley, Aniela Perry, the mysterious “Blue”, Lurch, Kelly Mantle and Electra Lux. All stellar talents.
Sex with Lurch had become popular in the Los Angeles music scene. Shows ranging from Make Up, the Fetish Ball to gigs in Hawaii proved this band’s oddly broad appeal.