Shane Charters (Demize)

Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Current and Former Clients are:

Mark Kendall (Great White)

John Rodby (Sheri Lewis and Lambchop)

The Luminares



15 North


Web site:

Main purpose: Recording
Secondary purpose: Commercial work
Recording knowledge level: High
MIDI knowledge level: Average
Typically work (with): Other musicians
Completed songs/demos/jingles: More than 100
Guitars: Kramer; Yamaha; Ibanez; Palmer; Orpheus
Keyboards: Alesis Qs8
Sound modules: Alesis Dm5 & Dm Pro
Percussion: Alesis Dm Pro Kit
Effects: Alesis Q20 & Microverb IV; Lexicon MPX100; TC Electronic M3000 & M300; Yamaha Rev 500
Microphones: AKG C414, C1000, C430, D112, D770; Rhode NT1 & NTK; Beyer Dynamic M422; Shure Sm 57, 58, 87beta & 58beta; Audio Technica ST90 & midnight blues; Blue Bluebird
Mixer: Tandem Ramsa Da7`s
Tape decks: Sony PCM-R300 DAT & Teac V-377 stereo cassette
Monitoring system: Event 8 ASP & KRK V4II
Computers: Dell Pentium III 850mhz computer, 768ram, Quantum Viking Seagate Barracuda SCSI drives; Dual 300G IDE
Music software: Cubase SX 1.06 & Wavelab 4.2
Other equipment: RME 5692; Motu Micro Express, Digitech Vocalist Workstation EX
Comments: Go to my website to see photos.