Simon Daniels

Highlight Reel

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

In the band “Autograph”

Reunion (2013-present)
The original members have gotten back together for a reunion. Due to Plunkett not being interested in doing the reunion, they have replaced him with Jailhouse, Flood, 1RKO, solo artist singer/songwriter/guitarist Simon Daniels. The band has an interview in Guitar World Magazine, a review in Classic Rock and Fireworks magazines.

Since 2014 the band played the Monsters of Rock Cruise, M3 Rock Festival, The Moondance Jam, The Halfway Jam, Firefest UK, Rockin the rivers along with other festivals and Worldwide touring.

On January 15, 2015 they released their first single on ITunes, “You Are Us, We Are You.”

On April 21, 2015 they released their 2nd single “I lost my mind in America” making the TOP 10 of the ITunes charts.

On July/2015 the band was featured in USA TODAY NEWS after playing the famous Halfway Jam Rock Festival.

An EP is due to be released in 2015 including the first 2 singles and more as shows and festivals are booked solid worldwide.